Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4 Months

It's been so long since I've been on blogger that I totally forgot what my 'dashboard' looks like, ha! :) I still keep up with all my favorite blogs from my phone, but commenting is too tedious of a task to accomplish when I don't have two free hands. So, if you are still out there reading, know that I'm still keeping up with you too! Thanks for sticking around!

My baby boy is FOUR MONTHS (one week and three days, but who's counting?!) OLD!

Stats:  At his recent well-child and immunization appointment, he weighed 13 Pounds 9 Ounces and was 24 Inches (18th Percentile). We're so proud of this growing, happy baby!

Sizes:  He is currently wearing Size 2 diapers. We are still just holding up his clothes to determine if they fit or not. He seriously can still wear some of his 'newborn' labeled clothes all the way through 9-month labeled clothes. Who came up with these baby sizing charts?!

Food:  What a change we've had in the last month?! No more breast milk--call me a quitter, whatever. He drinks formula exclusively. He's happy, I'm happy, he's full, I'm happy :) The end. Not only did we drop momma's milk, but we've added FOOD! Several days before his actual 4-month birthday he was eating close to 40 ounces per day, including three meals during the night! I was exhausted, so I took his hints and figured that his little body was ready for something more. We played around with an empty spoon one day, and within seconds he proved me right by acting like he knew exactly what to do with it. We have had great success with food! Of course we started out with rice cereal, but now that he's had fruits and vegetables he wants nothing to do with the plain 'ol rice cereal. Can't say I blame him! He LOVES sweet potatoes and bananas, they seem to be his favorite! The only thing I've found him not-so-fond of is carrots. He takes six 5-ounce bottles per day, plus two 'food' meals.

Routine:  Now that I'm getting his belly more full each day, we are starting to set a new routine. Just when I think I have things figured out, this kiddo changes things up on me! Haha, guess I should get used to it!  He has been taking two great naps each day around the same time, almost two hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Since we've added food into his diet, he takes a bottle every three hours. And (holding my breath), he is only eating once at night! I'm calling this a success after the last sleepless month I've had.  In his early, early days I would brag about my good little sleeper, guess he made me pay for that?! ;)

Developmental Milestones:  He is becoming so alert to the things around him. He LOVES his bouncer, Veggie Tales (not going to lie, I totally love them too!), his brother, his parents ;), smiling, talking, baby food, bath time, nap time, and visiting friends and family!

We introduced his bouncer a couple weeks ago, and since his little booty plopped down in it he decided that he is just too grown up for his swing or bouncy seat. Blah! It was pretty much an instant transition in his mind. Cracks me up.

He is still a good independant player. He enjoys is free-range moving time in his gym, and he's started reaching out to all the things attached to it! He is really beginning to use his legs and arch his back to change positions. I have a feeling I'll have a roller-over soon!

Also, he is still being swaddled at nap time and night-time. Those hands are just too crazy to be left unattended, ha! In our sleeplessness I tried unswaddling him, and it just didn't work out too good. As soon as those hands become free he wakes himself up. He likes being cozy :)

We are finally getting out some of his fun toys. He loves anything that lights up, talks, or has motion! (With that being said, we DONT need anymore toys. Aaaaahem, grandparents. We got plenty for Christmas!) He has a few favorites: his Sophie giraffe, Tad the Leapfrog, and his bouncer.

I am loving this stage of growth and development. Seeing him so happy and content while exploring the world around him makes me feel like I'm doing something right! :) God gives the BEST gifts! My cup continues to overflow with blessings!