Monday, February 28, 2011

Just call be a Rebel.....

....but, my brain has been protesting and refusing to enter the "real world" again. I've been home for a week from vacation physically, but my little head seems to be in denial.  It was so nice to be away from everything (not that I have a stressful life), in a world where I didn't have to answer my phone, check text messages, update Facebook, blog, or email. I enjoyed every second of being out of touch! :)

The evening we got home I absolutely was NOT going to the grocery store, nor was I going to prepare dinner.  Since we'd gotten into the habit of consuming 70,000 calories per day, we decided it would be best to go to Zios :) We'd become adjusted to being served hot, fresh bread each night at dinner, and neither of us were quite ready to give up on this pampering. It was pathetic, I think we consumed 4 of those loaves of bread between the two of us.

Anyhow, onto vacation pictures. I'm just going to offer you a sneak peek today. There is SO much to say about our trip, plus I want to share some funny stories with you without having to write the longest post ever.

As you can imagine, I have TONS of blogs to read from the last two weeks---basically, if you have something HUGE that happened, you should just tell me. Don't make me work for it, since I probably won't get to every post that was written.  :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just wanted to drop in to let you all know.......I'm baaaaaack from a land full of sunshine, warm weather, hot tan bodies, and salt water :)  Our trip was absolutely AMAZING.  Don't you worry your pretty heads, I'll be posting plenty of pictures soon.

For now, though, I'm banning myself from all social media until I catch up on The Bachelor. Two weeks worth. And home town dates!? Here goes nothing.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

All You Need is LOVE, Day Four

For Valentine's Day I {LOVE} to bake/cook...
 {share a recipe!}

I'd be lying to y'all if I told you something that I traditionally did for each Valentines Day--we have no V-Day traditions at our house. We just go-with-the-flow typically.

I'll be spending this Valentines Day in the middle of the ocean with some awesome friends. My husband joked with me that he'd made reservations at the steak house for him and his bestfriend on Valentines Day (I wouldn't so much be surprised if this was true!).

I guess I'll just leave you with a big, fat NOTHING for today, but I'm sure I'll enjoy reading all your yummy recipes.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All You Need is Love, Day Three

If I could travel anywhere this snowy February, I would {LOVE} to go.....

I find this somewhat ironic and amusing for TWO reasons.

1) We have a MASSIVE amount of snow on the ground at home.

and 2) I leave Saturday for a Caribbean vacation!

So, in honor of my vacation, I'm going to have to say: A CARIBBEAN CRUISE. We're traveling to Galveston with 5 other couples to sail away on the Carnival Conquest for an entire SEVEN days! We're hitting Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Words cannot express how excited I am for sun, sand, and ocean. :)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All You Need is LOVE, Day Two

When I'm feeling down, to cheer myself up I {LOVE} to.....

I didn't think my list differed too much from yesterday, but, again, I'm a simple kinda gal. It's all about the little things in life---and of course anything pink, sparkly, and/or camo! ;) All three together are my FAV.





Monday, February 7, 2011

All You Need is LOVE, Day One

Good Monday morning! Hope y'all had a restful, relaxing weekend. There is predictions for another 4-10 inches of snow here on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for another long week of work. Ugh!

For the next several days I'll be linking up with Neely for a special series on LOVE in honor of the upcoming Valentines Day. Feel free to mosey on over and join in yourself!


(in no particular order)

Treat myself to a Yummy Fast Food meal
Roll the Windows Down and Listen to Music
Endulge in a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks

I don't have any crazy things I do to spoil myself, but it's nice to have a few moments to yourself every now and then.  Sometimes Most of the time, it's the little things in life that make me the happiest. Since I don't go all out in the spoiling department, I can afford to treat myself to these little things often. :)


Friday, February 4, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

My Friday got started off with some WONDERFUL news: I won a $25 CSN Gift Card on a giveaway over at Allison's, The Diary of a Mrs.!! :) If y'all haven't stopped in to visit her, you should. I'm just sayin, you're missing out! She's entirely too sweet.

Needless to say, I've already spent my gift card. I'm at work, it's snowing (AGAIN), so there wasn't much else to do besides some online shopping.  I ordered TWO pairs of super cute flip flops in anticipation of my vacation next week, eek!! It'll be here before I know it.

Can't wait to get these in the mail!

(couldn't pass up the sweet retriever flip flops)

Thanks again, Allison! :)

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend.
I'll be spending it wrapped up in the arms of my handsome man.
If our weather cooperates, we'll be making an appearance at the Tulsa Boat Show!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oklahoma Snow

After my 30+ hours stuck in my office at work, I came home to two handsome boys and a cozy, warm house! We enjoyed chili, triple chunk brownies, and snow ice cream--followed by plenty of R&R for this girl.

Today I had to drive my mister to the firestation; we're still unable to take his 2-wheel drive truck anywhere in this city. My suburban handles this like a champ, though! :)

Here is a glimpse of our snow day happenings:

My boys in the snow.

Boys will be boys. These two had a hay-day out there wrestling around in the pretty snow.

They were both plum wore out when they came inside.

Pretty sure this is before he "pounced."

Baby boy's never to old to be carried by his Daddy.

Taste testing the snow ice cream.

He thought it would be humorous to make his yellow.

He couldn't just leave mine alone.

We did plenty of this.

....and this. Note his awesome hair!

Bentley lounging on his couch.

No snow day would be complete without laundry......

.....or snuggling on the couch.....

.....or washing a few dirty dishes.....

....or cleaning out the fridge!

Overall, it was a relaxing but productive day for Bentley and I. I even managed to complete our taxes--one more thing checked off my list.  I'm starting to get used to this lazy snow day business!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

I wish I had some better news for you folks on this blizzard-y, snowy Tuesday. It's n-a-s-t-y outside here in NE Oklahoma. According to the news, we've received 13.8 inches of snow thus far. It's suppose to taper off this afternoon leaving us with snow drifts several feet high and 60mph winds --not to mention the freezing temperatures.

As I'm watching the news this very moment, they have just announced that the Tulsa World (our local newspaper) will shut down printing for today, and that American Airlines Maintenance base will shut down for the next two days. This is the FIRST time that either of these places has EVER shut down due to impassible roads and blizzard conditions.

Hope that paints a picture for you of what we're facing in my neck of the woods.

PS-I'm writing this from work. Yes, I'm at work.
Our Fire and EMS community don't get to stay home on days like this :( We've had truck after truck stuck in our city and outlying areas, some for hours at a time. Fortunately for me, I'm in the office today manning our State Department of Health Trauma line; however, I won't be making it home tonight. There's no way.  There are snow drifts up to each of the bumpers on my suburban, so I'll be having a slumber party in my office tonight. Ugh! Please pray for our community during this time, and pray for my sanity today...... I'm hoping to make it home sometime tomorrow.