Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coupon-Clippin' Momma

Here it is, friends....introducing my COUPON ORGANIZER courtesy of Abigails Hope Designs found on Etsy. In the near future, I will probably be marking "start coupon clipping" off of my to-do list :)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mope-y Me

This is why I shouldn't be a night-owl....I'm up waaaay too late, it's 11pm. Last night I was in bed by 7pm :)

Anyhow, I stay up late and creep around on the internet....and NOW, I'm mope-y.  I ran across this picture   from my wedding, which was less than TWO years ago, and couldn't help but notice THREE of my family members in the picture have gone on to Heaven.

First you have my sweet little Granny waving at me, next my Gramps to the far left, and finally my Uncle Ronnie in the background to the right. (Don't forget about my Grandpa Wayne, who just didn't make this picture).  Although I know that I know that I know that I know they are each MUCH better off and have seen the face of our Father, I am missing them tonight!


Confessions of a Perfectionist

I have to confess tattle on myself for some recent issues I have developed :)
All of these arise each time I do my bi-monthly grocery store excursions for our household, and I can't hold them back any longer.

1) I have issues with people pushing their shopping carts down the "wrong" side of an aisle. C'mon people, it's like a city street. Stay to the right, leave the left lane for passing.  (Biggest offender of this rule is MEN in the grocery store.)

2) I also have issues with the sweet little couples that like to do their grocery store shopping together, especially the ones that feel the need to walk RIGHT next to each other down any given aisle. The aisle's are  not big enough for two love birds to hold hands and grocery shop, allowing me enough space to get my business done. Single file, people, single file.

3) It somewhat stresses me out to see a fellow shopper throw their items on the conveyor belt at check out in no organized manner. Do they not realize that by grouping similiar items they will get bagged together,  and in turn, end up easier to put away at home?!

4) It REALLY upsets me when I have my groceries completely organized for check out by likeness and the checker/bagger does not bag them in that particular fashion. I'm trying to make life easier on everyone, and I don't like when they put my frozen lunch meals in the same bag with my deodorant. Ugh! (Again, men are the biggest offenders of this rule.)

Other than some parking lot etiquette, those pretty much wrap up my stressors as a grocery shopper of Walmart.  I prefer to grocery shop alone, leaving Alan at home.  He doesn't understand all of this etiquette OR how to organize items in the shopping cart :) He knows it's his downfall with me. Perhaps he does it on purpose so that he doesn't have to be included in my crazy shopping sprees?!  I couldn't say I blame him.

Any thoughts on this subject, my fellow Walmart perfectionist friends?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Story with a Sad Ending

So, this weekend was our 6th Annual Float Trip Extravaganza at Eagle Bluff Resort. It was, indeed, another FANTASTIC float trip weekend with 30(ish) of the most wonderful friends in the world! (Pictures to come soon!)  Despite a few rain showers, the weather was beautiful and the water was refreshing.  We made lots of memories to laugh about in the future!

Here's the sad part: on Saturday morning I woke up to my sweet Bentley boy licking his left front paw. No big deal, right?!  Then, he started limping....worse and worse as the day went on, until it got to the point that his daddy was having to carry him around. Picture Alan carrying around a 90-pound dog! :)  We ended up making the decision that I needed to bring Bentley home on Saturday night--he wouldn't even get out of the car on his own. I had to open up the house and carry my very large baby boy all the way upstairs to bed. He kept me up most of the night crying over his hurting paws :( Broke my heart.  We still don't know the exact cause of his injury, but were thinkin' he might have stepped on someone's hot coals from a campfire or grill. Both of the pads of his front paws are raw.  He is slowly getting better, and started walking again last night (verrrry sllloooowly).  He's had LOTS of family and friends calling to check on him, though! We are so lucky that everyone loves our little boy!

Now for a few random notes.  While we were on the river floating with our friends, Alan took so much pride in "showing off" Bentley.  Little kids LOVE to pet our big fuzzy dog....and of course, our big fuzzy dog loves to get attention.  Whenever we would see a family with children showing interest in Bentley, Alan would make a point to direct our raft towards the kiddos so that they could love on Bentley.  It *warmed my heart* to see this interaction with Alan, Bentley, and random children. :)  Alan has started warming up to kids and interacting with them in a way I'd never seen him be with children before. He was that awkward guy with kids in the past....just not sure what to say to them or how to hold them. I don't know what caused the change with him, but I LOVE it :)

Also, our good friends Rod and Tere Earnest delivered their first baby on Friday night. I got to go see baby Dean yesterday....and I got to watch him pee on Tricia, PRICELESS! :)  I'm so happy for them to be parents!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Face Lift :)

That's right, folks.....

......My blog got a face lift today, all thanks to a fellow blogging friend Katie.

Be jealous.


Folding Fitted Sheets

Tired of always looking in your linen closest and seeing lumpy, unorganized sheets?
I found this video with some tips for organizing those pain-in-the-rear, dreaded f-i-t-t-e-d sheets.

Enjoy! :)

.....And, feel free to go ahead and laugh at my "nerdiness," but if this is improving my organization at home, I felt like it should be passed on to others.

Where the Party at?


It has been loooooonnnnnngggg awaited at the Hancock household, and we are now super pumped for some hot sun, cold water, and good friends.

This years theme is "Clowns and Carnies," so stay tuned for picture posts of our costumes. Alan has been growing out his mustache (EW!) so that he can pull off his carnie costume to it's fullest extent.  He has grown a liking to this new mustache and I have a feeling, despite what awful things I say about it, that it might be here to stay. Poo.

Here are some pre-float trip pictures to get you in the Illinois River state-of-mind.
Two weeks prior to Float Trip we hosted the 1st Annual Float Trip Extravaganza Logo Let Go Party :)
(whew, what a mouthful?!)  We had our fellow floaters over for a cookout, and we released the t-shirt design, seen above, for this years trip.

This sweet little boy even got his summer haircut especially for FTE 2010. As much as he enjoys the outdoors and everything that goes along with it, he has been miserable this summer because of our heat and humidity. Notice that he got his little ears trimmed short, his chest hair is shorter, his belly hair is shorter, and his "feathers" are cut off of his legs.  We giggle every time we look at him, cause he looks like a little puppy! He has been so so so happy with his new 'do. :)
I'll be out of pocket for a few days, but I'll promise to keep you updated and post pictures following our camping weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something that makes ME smile :)

Since my last post (from 15 minutes ago) was a "Debbie Downer," I decided to follow-up with some things that make me happy: like my family of three at the lake on a beautiful day, soaking up the sun :)

When it Rains, it Pours

My family took another hit this morning with the loss of my Uncle Ronnie. :(

He'd been in the hospital for SEVEN weeks trying to fight off an awful pneumonia infection that he acquired during an "over night" hospital stay for a blood transfusion secondary to some anemia he developed as a result of chemotherapy he was taking for his non-hodgkins lymphoma. (Wow, what a mouth-full, huh?) His story is quite sad, but it's hard to feel sorry for him knowing that he has seen the face of Jesus and so many loved ones that he has been apart from.  I'm happy to know that his body has been restored.....and, can imagine that he's up there sharing his golfing stories.  :)  If you have a second while reading this, would you please offer up a prayer or two for my Auntie?  She could use the comfort and healing that I know only God can provide her with at this time.

On a less frumpy note, I wanted to share this picture with you that I stole from my friend, Rachel's, blog:
These two girls, Rachel and Tricia, are absolutely phenomenal, precious friends.  Even though our friendship hasn't been that long in years, I feel as if I've known these two girls my whole life!   I would love to brag on them, but I'll spare you...just know that they are truly gifts from God in my life :)

We took this picture at the Jason Aldean/Brooks and Dunn concert at the end of was the same day I put the red(ish) streaks in my hair AND Trish cut hers off to donate it! Basically, I just thought it was a good picture of the three of us!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Family :)

I don't have a lot to say today, so I just thought I'd take a moment and brag on my AWESOME family.
I realize that my nephew, Tyce, has made the blog since I've started this whole thing, but I haven't had the opportunity to brag on my other three loves!  These are pictures of my three nieces, Brooke, Paige, and Morgan....the absolute prettiest, most well behaved little girls ever! (I am a little partial, though)  Enjoy! :)

I had been holding Morgan for quite some time this afternoon trying to get her to settle down, she had been cranky because she was awake for a loooonnnng time during a family function. Uncle Alan took her out of my arms and walked her around, talking to her in the sweetest little uncle voice. Soon enough, Morgan was sound asleep in his arms. Melts my little heart! (Obviously, this was pre-nap time)

Morgan LOVES her Auntie Lindsi so much!
I need to post a picture of Jordan (my brother) as a child, Morgan looks exactly like him at this age. Only prettier.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i LOVE love

I guess I'm just feeling extra mushy these days, but I'll admit.....

 .......i LOVE love.

We were suppose to take a trip to see Jill and Beau, Alan's sister and brother-in-law, over this last weekend, but due to the circumstances surrounding the loss of my grandpa we stayed at home.  I was bummed about my grandpa, but at the same time, I was bummed about not getting to spend time with our new nephew and his awesome parents.

Like most all things in my life, God knew exactly what He was doing.  Alan and I did NOTHING except enjoy each other's company all weekend long (6 days to be exact).  We have a tendancy to over-book our schedules and run ourselves silly, so this was the perfect excuse to sit around our house with no "for real" plans for an entire SIX days!  We pretty much did whatever we wanted to do, which was a lot of being lazy!

I am going back to work tomorrow, and my cup runneth over with love from these last few days. :)

We were able to laugh together, cry together, celebrate together, and be quiet together.
I've always known that I have an AMAZING marriage (I know, I know....I'm kinda partial), but these last few days proved it!  I love my husband with everything that I am, and feel like God completed me when He put Alan in my life.  It's not like we have some super crazy easy marriage; we have a normal, everyday kinda of love!  I couldn't ask for more!

That might be a little more mushy than you wanted to read about, but I am over-joyed at the moment for no particular reason!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Good....No. GREAT, News!

Let me preface this post by saying, never EVER in my life have I been so excited to have a medical diagnosis (or diagnosis' in my case)!  :)

We went to our first appointment with Dr. Bundren, the infertility specialist, today. 

I woke up super early this morning, like a kid on Christmas day, because of my excitement and anticipation for our appointment.  I didn't know what it was going to be like in the slightest, all I knew was that I was excited that I 'might' have some sort of explanation by the end of the day.  We both talked about our hopes this morning before the appointment, and we agreed on one thing: we wanted to walk away from the appointment with something.  My only fear was that he would thoroughly check me out and find NO logical reasons for my multiple pregnancy losses. I wanted some sort of answer....or, at the very least, a game plan to figure things out.

We were very pleased with the appointment and feel like we spent some quality one-on-one time with the physician and his staff.  They listened to each of our thoughts, feelings, and well as reviewed all my past lab work and medical records.  I will spare you the gorey details of the appointment, lets just say I had the looooongest ultrasound ever, haha!  I had three people in the room assisting in my nearly 30 minute ultrasound examining every inch of my uterus and ovaries, ugh ugh ugh!  Anyhow, here are the findings:

1) Yes, I do have a form of Thrombophilia (which we knew). Whenever I do get pregnant again, I will take Lovenox injections to manage this. No big deal, very fix-able    :)

2) I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  Each of my ovaries had multiple cysts on them, which I've probably had for most of my adult life.  This causes a problem with ovulation.  After I receive treatment for my next diagnosis, I will take Glucophage to manage this issue.    Again, very fix-able  :)

3) Finally, I have a Uterus Malformation. A normal uterus is shaped like an upside down triangle, my "special" uterus is shaped like a heart.  This causes a huge problem with implantation and blood flow to any egg that was trying to implant itself in the endometrium (hence, my multiple losses).   On July 16th, I will have a surgical procedure to repair my uterus and make it "normal."  Basically, they shave/cut off the "hangy down" part of the heart....making it more upside down triangle shape.  Does that make sense?  After this procedure, I will have to wear an estrogen patch for awhile to help my body get back to normal. Then, the doctor will set us free to start the baby-making again!  Again, very fix-able  :)

There you have it, all my medical diagnosis'! My favorite part about all of them.....FIX-ABLE!! :)
I know that I don't have a baby growing in my belly, but after hearing what the doctor had to say about all of it, I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel like I'm riding on Cloud 9 tonight with this news.

Though this last year with these struggles has brought us plenty of heartache and tears, it has also had it's positives.  I feel like we are much stronger for having dealt with them, I feel like I am a much better communicator with God (concerning ALL things), and I feel like I'm strong enough to help other women who battle these same emotional and physical issues.

So, with all this being said, thanks for the prayers you've offered on our account.....and, please keep 'em coming!  I keep hoping to provide you with these fun, positive updates as we continue trying to grow our family!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heaven Gained an Angel

On Tuesday, June 1st around 4pm my Grandpa Wayne left this earth to be with our sweet Savior.  He had planned for that moment for so long, and while we are left here on earth weeping over our temporary loss, I know that he is in Heaven rejoicing over the gift that was promised to him!  What a glorious day for him! :)

I thought about sharing stories, but I couldn't pick just ONE. There are so so so many funny and memorable things to share and I honestly don't have a favorite.  But, I will share something funny that sums Grandpa up very nicely.....

......When I called my family to check on things today, Aunt Debbie informed me that my very recently widowed Grandma was preparing a brisket for all the visitors that they were expecting over the next several days. (Note that numerous people have already brought over food, and that she has a full kitched stocked with things to eat.)  I laughed, because....well....that's just my Grandma. That woman is always concerned about others and making sure they have full bellies, I think that might be where I get it from.  Anyhow, after laughing and shaking my head at this not-so-surprising news, Alan informed me that that had been my Grandpa's wishes.  Apparently, some time ago, as Grandpa was preparing for this time in our lives, he told my Grandma that he didn't want her worrying about things and trying to feed people in the event of his death. So, he instructed her to go out and buy a brisket...that was what she was to feed people with during this time. HAHA! Knowing my Grandpa, I'm sure he sent her to the store to buy the brisket the very second that he thought of the idea. Ornery man! 

Needless to say, this man will definately be missed for the remainder of our time on earth. It is comforting knowing that we will see each other face-to-face in due time, and that we can spend our remaining days on this earth carrying out the legacy that he instilled in each of us! Love you, Grandpa!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Festivities.

We had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend, filled with good food, good music, good friends, hot sun, and cool lake water! :)

Friday night, Brooks and Dunn with Jason Aldean........ (YUM!)
We met some friends at The Brook for pre-concert dinner.
Thanks to Alan, we had great seats! We both agreed that this concert was TOP 5 concerts of all time!

Saturday, Sand Springs Loose Rowel Memorial Day Rodeo to watch my favorite cowgirl, Kristi.
Kristi (or Kristen, as the announcer was calling her) is my girlfriends younger sister and is a kick-butt 15 year old!  She has a beautiful horse, Zena.

And, last but not least, Sunday. Bentley and I spent the day with friends at Johnson Holler while Daddy had to work :(  Bentley LOVED his day, though, swimming with friends and playing in the woods.  He is quite the lil' swimming guy!