Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday......Errrr, Thursday

I admit. I totally dropped the ball yesterday with my post. Let's just pretend this is Wednesday, umkay?

I'm LOVING that this weekend is finally our Wrestlemania XXVII watch party! Pretty sure I might be the only girl in attendance. One of my husband's coworkers mentioned to Alan that he might bring his wife. As Alan told me, he advised this individual that I probably knew more about wrestling than most guys coming over, so that I wouldn't just be standing in the kitchen participating in girl talk. Haha!

I'm LOVING that Sunday night is also the Academy of Country Music Awards! :) I get to see my BFF, Miranda Lambert, all gussied up and strutting her stuff.  I'm also really looking forward to the Blake Shelton and Reba McIntire hosting combination--should be a witty show!

Speaking of country music stars, I'm LOVING that Alan admitted (Bentley witnessed) that Pia Toscano, from American Idol, had a better voice than Carrie Underwood--his one true love. Whoa!! This is BIG time! It made my heart a little giddy :)  I'm gonna throw this out there: I'm NOT a Carrie Underwood fan. Anyone who knows me in real life, knows this information. I will admit she's gorgeous, and I'd take her wardrobe any day of the week----buuuuuut, I feel like she is not a very nice person in real life.

I'm LOVING my new sparkly, glittery purple eyeliner that my boss gave me today at work! She knows how to win my favor, obviously!? My freshman year of college, a highschool friend told me that I needed to "grow out of the glitter phase." You can see what I've done with her advice......

I'm LOVING Sonic's Happy Hour (2pm-4pm) for 1/2 price drinks and slushes! My office mate and I treated ourselves to a delicious treat this afternoon.

On top of all this, I'm LOVING my sweet husband, sweet puppy dog, and the sunshine that is peeking through the clouds today!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marriages are Worth Fighting For

Some of you know me in real life, others are simply blog friends. Either way I hope you know how passionate I am about my marriage--as well as marriages in general :)  I figure I'm somewhat biased, but I have a KICK BUTT-REAL LIFE relationship with my husband. Don't quit reading at this point--I'll save the mushy stuff for later.

Through Jessica at Stiletto's and a Fishing Pole, I've discovered THIS family's blog.

As someone who cherishes and honors the covenant of marriage, I have fallen in love with this family's touching story and desire to encourage others with the good work that God has done in their lives.

They are starting a new journey on April 4th, 2011.


Please, please join me while I follow their story and soak up their encouragement during the month of April. 


Monday, March 28, 2011

Handy-Man Husband

 If y'all are my friends on facebook, you might've recently seen my post about my "handy man" of a husband.  Seriously, I find it kinda HOT when he takes care of things around the house.  Last week I caught him fixing our washing machine with a set of keys hanging from his Adidas shorts---can you spell H-O-T?! :)

Well, ever since I voiced my opinion of my handy-dandy little husband, crap keeps breaking! I swear I'm not doing it on purpose just to see him in all his hot, working man glory.

He has repaired both the washer AND dryer this week.
I've also added some expensive auto repairs to his ever-growing list of things to do around the house. Not on purpose, of course. I feel pretty guilty about everything wrong with my car right now, mostly because Alan has been talking about upgrading his truck. With these added extra expenses, it makes it difficult for him to save for an upgrade. I guess it's part of being an adult--if it's not one thing, it's another, right?!

Not to totally change subject--but, that's what I'm fixing to do.  Our biggest news of the weekend: I had Bentley SHAVED at the groomers on Friday.  That will be a whole post of it's own tomorrow. It was a day full of guilt and tears for this dog momma.

Anyhow, back to Alan. He was examining Bentley's new "hair cut" on Friday evening. After looking him over real good, we had the following conversation:

Alan: "Why does he have all these bumps on his belly? Are they sores?"
Lindsi: "Love, those are his nipples."
Alan (very concerned): "But, why does he have so many?!"
Lindsi: "That's just how many dogs have, I suppose."
Alan: "It's not like he needs them, though. I think he has too many. I understand why girl dogs would have more, though."
Lindsi: "Honey, you have the same number of nipples as I do?!!"
Alan (laughing): "Oh yeah. Ok."

Moments later, he told me NOT to put this conversation on Facebook. :) Well, I obviously found the loop-hole to sharing this information. He should've covered all his bases!

I love that boy!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confession Time

I'm feeling extra guilty today about my new addiction.
For two days I have sat at my desk at work, unproductively staring at my computer screen playing a stupid, freaking computer game. Seriously. How's that gonna get me employee of the year?

My office mate, Sarah, and I have discovered a new game that shamelessly takes up all of our time at work. It nearly causes us to say bad words--well, Sarah says them. I just make up less profane words that sound equally angry :)  I have played countless times today without a victory. It's like computer game crack or something. I need help. Maybe an intervention.

Blog friends, meet Mah Jong.

Have any of you ever played this?! If so, I'd like some pointers. I feel like I'm strong enough to close this screen--but, not until I freakin' beat the game today! I haven't had a victory since yesterday morning, and Sarah has been a winner in FOUR days. Uggggh! Help us?! Please.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's Wednesday again, you know what that means! I get to show off all the things that I've been LOVING :)

I'm assuming y'all have figured out that we're concert junkies at my house. Well.....lo and behold, I'm LOVING that we're going to see Wade Bowen tomorrow evening at the Midnight Rodeo! 

I'm LOVING that we are officially hosting a Wrestlemania XXVII Watch Party at our house!  Hey, we never claimed to be high class. Don't judge.

I'm also LOVING that all this talk about Wrestlemania gave me an excuse to post a picture of John Cena on my blog :) Y'all can thank me later.

I'm LOVING my new sparkly headbands that I stumbled across while shopping at the mall on Sunday. It added some flair to my normal yard work outfit yesterday.

I'm LOVING that Easter is next month.  Easter makes me so happy, because 1) it's the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, 2) it's so bright, happy, and colorful, and 3) it was the day that Alan asked me to be his wife!

Speaking of being his wife, I'm LOVING that today (March 23rd) marks the three year anniversary of our engagement. Don't be confused, it was Easter in 2008.  Other than my salvation, it was the single greatest gift I could've been given. :)  I am continually blessed by our relationship! I'm proud to carry Alan's last name and walk through this life at his side.

What are you LOVING on this wonderful Wednesday?


Monday, March 21, 2011

Infertility Thoughts

This probably isn't the greatest subject for a Monday post, but it's a topic that has recently been weighing heavy on my heart.

Many of you are familiar with our journey to become parents (if not, you can track our journey on my left sidebar).  Lots of you struggle with infertility and/or know someone that has. For those of you familiar with the struggle, know it's a very up and down emotional battle.  There are plenty of good days, but on the other hand, there are plenty of bad days.  When you're trying to become pregnant you live in weeks:

Week 1: Period
Week 2: Ovulation and Copulation
Week 3: Long, Dreaded Wait
Week 4: Pee on a Stick

My life revolved around this schedule for too long. The obsession over this process that was constantly swirling in my head was probably extremely unhealthy (but, I would venture to say most women dealing with infertility have these same thoughts).  I got real good at convincing myself that I had this under control, as I continued to stare at the weeks on my calendar and plan out the future of my family. Foolish, I know.  You'd think that a smart girl like me would eventually realize, after months of failed attempts and several miscarriages, that I was obviously not in control of this situation.  No matter what plan I worked out, God had another.  He's never let me down yet, I continue to bask in the blessings that He pours into my life.   God started working on my heart, and I was able to see past the heartache of our struggles. I began to have way more good days and far less bad days.

Once my medical problems and treatment plan came to light, these thoughts disappeared. Being on the Lupron and knowing that I could not become pregnant during that time helped my tired little brain relax.  Other than the craziness of the Lupron, I was able to live day-to-day like any 'normal' person.  No more over analyzing my calendar, no more worrying about the details of being intimate with my husband, no more spending money on useless pregnancy tests--I was totally carefree, and it was amazing to feel that way!  God has used the last 6-7 months to make me stronger, and although I still don't know His will for our lives, I am absolutely content.

So, none of this is new information. I know.
If you've looked at our timeline, you know that within the next few month(s) we will be released by our infertility specialist to began this adventure once again.  I'm excited, nervous, and scared all in one big weird emotion.  Excited because I have a new, healthy, restored girl system to work with.  Nervous because I don't know what the future holds. And scared because I definitely have expectations to have a family, but I have a full understanding that it might not be God's plan for our lives.

I feel like God has had me at practice for the last several months--practicing patience, trust, forgiveness, and courage. For lack of a better analogy, I'm fixing to be put back in the big game.  I don't want to fall back into a pit of desperation and despair.   I've been an athlete, I'm tough, and I have every intention of letting God work out His plan for our lives in His timing.

With all this on the table now, I'm asking that you might remember us in your prayers over the next several months. You're more than welcome to pray for a healthy pregnancy, but please remember the emotional challenges too. My goal is to be pregnant, but I don't want to forget this good work that God has done in my heart recently should challenges arise again for us.


Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

Morning, friends!

After day one of Round 2, how's everyone's brackets looking?

I'm in a pot at work for a gas gift card. So far, so good.  I'm not getting too optimistic though, since we all know how things go down with March Madness.  At this point in the tournament, it's any one's game.  I had several picked "upsets" yesterday, which works well for me since we accrue more points for those games in which we pick a lower seeded team to advance.

Does anyone have fun plans for the weekend?

Like I mentioned previously, we have NO concrete plans for the weekend--yippee!!  If the weather permits tomorrow, we will be working in the yard. We have a very landscaped acre lot, and it's time to be getting it in shape for the Spring. It can be very time consuming, so our goal this year is to make it less of a hassle.  My husband spent some time several days ago cutting down a pine tree that blocked the view of the front door from the road. My idea :) so of course, I LOVE it now!  One of our "major" projects for the weekend is removing LOADS of monkey grass from our flower beds. While it looks nice and easy, that crap spreads! Not to mention it's roots go every.where. Ugh!  Has anyone dealt with removing monkey grass before? Any suggestions? 

One last thought on the upcoming weekend, we're picking up a new-to-us (used) fridge for the garage! I'm so excited to have a place to store beverages and large food items. Having the extra space will be so nice when I'm hosting dinners and/or showers!  .......and, I'm pretty sure that the two mallard's sitting in my freezer waiting to be mounted will be finding their new, temporary home in the garage freezer!

I hope you all have a pleasant, restful weekend!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm LOVING my newest purchase from Bath and Body Works: Carried Away!  It's so springy and girly.
Speaking of Bath and Body Works, I'm LOVING the 5 for $15 sale on all hand soaps. I stock my house up with these twice a year. Once with spring/summer smells and once with fall/winter smells.  Well, it's that time of year to be tossing some fall smells. This sale is the perfect opportunity for me to purchase some new scents!

I'm LOVING my Yankee Candle Sun and Sand tumbler and room freshener! It reminds me of warm sunshine, clear blue waters, and sun tan lotion. Ahhhhhh.
I'm LOVING that my calendar is c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y blank for the upcoming weekend!

I'm LOVING our family dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday last night. Yum and fun! Plus, I have some leftovers that I'm looking forward to eating at lunch time. :) Bonus!

What are you LOVING this week?


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend in a Nutshell

Greetings, friends!  I'm finally sitting down at my computer after a long, fun, restful, low-key weekend.  As much as I love y'all, I enjoy unplugging myself from blogging and facebooking during the weekend. We had plenty of activities planned, but I never felt rushed! I enjoyed spending some time with that handsome man of mine, as well as plenty of friend and family activities.

Friday evening, Alan and I got to experience a Randy Travis concert! He was everything I imagined--just a good 'ol clean-cut country guy. He sang all his wonderful old songs. I love the fact that he doesn't have to dance around on the stage with fancy lights and other effects. He just stands there and sings!

Saturday morning, we took Bentley to watch his cousin, Paige, play soccer. It was only her second game ever--and, her team won! It was so cute to watch all the girls celebrate after each goal they scored.

(Future Soccer Star)
(Bentley and Mimi)
(Bentley and His Daddy)
(Half-Time Snack)
(Gettin' in on the Action)
(Miss Paige Taylor of the Titans)

Saturday afternoon we went to a slightly belated FIRST birthday party for my youngest niece, Morgan.  With two, very active, older sisters and a family full of other cousins, it was hard to find a time for everyone to get together for this sweet girls celebration. We had so much fun watching her open presents and dig into her cake!

(Morgan with her Great Grandma)
(Opening Gifts)
(Happy Birthday, Morgan Danise!)

(Sweet little cake face)
(She obviously found a much easier way to do it, ha!)
(I LOVE her excited expression in this picture!)

(The Aftermath)

Saturday evening, Alan and I enjoyed browsing around the Tulsa Home and Garden Show. You know you're getting old when that's your idea of a Saturday date night, haha!

Sunday afternoon my mom hosted a baby shower for one of my friends from childhood. Kristen, mom-to-be, and I have been friends for 20+ years. The shower was beautiful, as was the soon-to-be momma! It was so fun to hang out with friends from high school that I don't get to see very often. (Speaking of high school, this fall is my TEN YEAR reunion--yikes!)  I'll try to post shower pictures later this week. I'm somewhat partial, but my momma did a fantastic job!

I consider Monday part of my weekends, especially since I never work on Mondays!, last but not least, I picked up my Gram on Monday morning to take her to her hair appointment.  She got her sassy little "Jamie Lee Curtis" haircut and we grabbed some yummy Mexican food for lunch.  I spent the rest of my Monday cleaning, laundrying, ironing, and Bachelor-ing! :)

I think I'm all caught up on your blogs from the weekend! Hope each of you are having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm LOVING that Alan and I are going to see Randy Travis on Friday night!  Alan idolizes him, and we will be so super close to him :)  I hope he plays all the old good stuff, "Pickin Up Bones," "1982," "On the Other Hand," "Deeper than the Holler," "Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart" .......ahhh, my list goes on and on! CANT. WAIT.

I'm LOVING that we will be celebrating Morgan's FIRST birthday on Saturday. I can't believe this little girl has been in our lives for over a year already!
(She graciously volunteered her time to be a "model" in my novice photo shoot, seen below :)  )


I'm LOVING the date that I had with my mom last Saturday night: Mexican food and a Sugarland concert. So fun to get out of the house all gussied up with my mom!! Sugarland was amazing---Jennifer Nettles has some amazing pipes. Hearing "Stay" live was probably one of the most moving live vocal experiences I'd ever heard.

I'm LOVING that Starbuck's is now offering my favorite beverage in "skinny" form!  I can get a Grande Caramel Macchiato for 140 calories :)  Like I needed another excuse to visit my local Starbucks?!

I'm LOVING that Spring is just around the corner for us! Our trees have finished droppping their leaves *finally*, and I have some Daffodils blooming in my yard :)

I'm LOVING each little pitter patter in my heart that THIS GUY gives me!

What are y'all LOVING on this wonderful Wednesday?