Tuesday, January 22, 2013

30 Week BUMPdate

It's been plenty long since I've documented anything to do with this lil' pregnancy, so here's my poor attempt at a small update.

Naturally, I've been comparing my pregnancies to each other. With Cale, I was already battling swelling and pitting edema. THANK GOODNESS I have hardly had a drop of swelling, phew! With Wade, the overall theme has been pain.

 From very early on I started experiencing pain in my tailbone and lower extremities, as well as some sciatica during my 2nd trimester. Thankfully, Wade has settled into a more comfortable position in my pelvic cavity, so I haven't experienced that kind of pain in several weeks.  I think most of the pain I experience comes with my anatomical make-up, I'm short and squatty----and, I carry Wade very low. It puts a lot of pressure on my lower extremities.  There are days that I wake up hurting in one hip or another, and I walk with a gimp all day. By the end of most days, I feel like my entire tailbone is nonexistant. On top of this pain, I started experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions several weeks ago. Good Lord, these can be painful!! I never ever had them with Cale, and no one warned me that they were not fun! :/  I can go several days without a contraction, but then there are days that the contractions will wake me up in the morning and linger around allllll day. Occasionally I'll come across one that will stop me in my tracks. After a "bad" day of contractions, my belly muscles will be flat out sore the next day. I guess it's a pregnant girls belly workout, huh?!

Speaking of pain and discomfort, I made the comment to Alan that I'd like to wait a littttttttttle longer than 8 months after Wade is born to start working on his sister. Aaaaand, Alan's response "Who knows? Maybe 'we'll' just decide to go ahead and get it all done." Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! That's why men couldn't handle being pregnant. Sweet, sweet, clueless husband. It was not a good day to make that comment to the waddling, hurting, pregnant lady ;) We will wait.

No one said pregnancy was for the weak. I'm so in love with this little boy in my belly! I'm getting so anxious to meet him. As uncomfortable as I have been this time around, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the whole entire world, and I wouldn't bat an eye if the Lord decided I needed to carry this baby for another 9 months. I'd do it :) again and again and again.  Don't get me wrong, I definitely have days that I'm ready for this lil' guy to be out! But, at the end of the day (even the bad ones) I'm so thankful to be Wade's mom! I don't want to sound so complain-y, just documenting for my own purposes.

We have our next official anatomy scan and ultrasound at our next appointment. I just had my 30-week check up today, and things were looking good! :)  I'm right at a 20-pound weight gain. My blood pressure was good----it was elevated at my last appointment, 130/90, but I really attribute that to a pain response from having several 'bad' days in a row. My hemoglobin checked out a bit low, but I started on some additional iron supplements, so fingers crossed and prayers said, I can escape the bad anemia I had after delivering Cale. I'm anxious to see my little guy at our next appointment, I miss his sweet little face!

We officially (and FINALLY) kinda started on Wade's room. It's cleared out and painted. One of these days I'll have a nursery to reveal on here. So far, I'm pleased with it's progress though.

My sweet, sweet girlfriend has offered to host a "sprinkle" for Wade, which really caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting any gathering, especially since I'm having these boys so close together! I'm so blessed, and I'm so excited that people love this little boy in my belly so much!

I'm ready for him to grow so big and strong so that we can hold him in our arms and love on him! I'm pretty partial, but I think he's getting a pretty good little family :)

Hopefully that's enough of an update for all my blog stalkers!

These pictures are from two weeks ago, I'll work on getting more up.