Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where the Party at?


It has been loooooonnnnnngggg awaited at the Hancock household, and we are now super pumped for some hot sun, cold water, and good friends.

This years theme is "Clowns and Carnies," so stay tuned for picture posts of our costumes. Alan has been growing out his mustache (EW!) so that he can pull off his carnie costume to it's fullest extent.  He has grown a liking to this new mustache and I have a feeling, despite what awful things I say about it, that it might be here to stay. Poo.

Here are some pre-float trip pictures to get you in the Illinois River state-of-mind.
Two weeks prior to Float Trip we hosted the 1st Annual Float Trip Extravaganza Logo Let Go Party :)
(whew, what a mouthful?!)  We had our fellow floaters over for a cookout, and we released the t-shirt design, seen above, for this years trip.

This sweet little boy even got his summer haircut especially for FTE 2010. As much as he enjoys the outdoors and everything that goes along with it, he has been miserable this summer because of our heat and humidity. Notice that he got his little ears trimmed short, his chest hair is shorter, his belly hair is shorter, and his "feathers" are cut off of his legs.  We giggle every time we look at him, cause he looks like a little puppy! He has been so so so happy with his new 'do. :)
I'll be out of pocket for a few days, but I'll promise to keep you updated and post pictures following our camping weekend!


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