Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Under the Knife

Friday is a BIG day for our family: I'm going "under the knife!" Yikes.

Being a medical person, I haven't felt like I've been nervous for this procedure, but I've dreamt about surgery nearly every night this week.  One night I dreamt that I woke up during the surgery and my Grandma Donna was in the operating room. I was yelling at everyone to STOP and put me back to sleep---haha, the things our minds conceive?!

There are a few things you can pray for during this procedure:

1) Pray for a safe, quick surgery and skillful physicians hands.

2) Pray that they find NO endometriosis. Its not the end-all situation, but its out of selfish reasons that Im asking this of you.  The less they find wrong with my uterus, the sooner after surgery we will be allowed to "try" to become pregnant. If they have to remove a significant amount of endometriosis, it will only delay the process by a few months. Either way, it will totally be worth it!  Im just asking for you to pray for an ideal situation.

3) Pray for Alan.  Ive never been under anesthesia before and never been intubated--pray that if Alan needs patience with me that God gives it to him :)

4) MOST OF ALL, pray that God can heal my "broke" uterus through this procedure and will allow me to carry a healthy pregnancy(ies)!

For those of you interested, Alan will have his phone with him.  Im sure he wont mind giving you an update!

Thanks for the prayers!! Here goes nothing.....



The Nolen's said...

Thanks for the specific prayer requests, consider them lifted up! Alan better have his battery charged and be ready for updates!

Love ya Linds!!

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