Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'm SEVENTEEN weeks already, and I haven't done a single belly picture or pregnancy update. This poor baby isn't going to have near the amount of cool stuff in it's (speaking of "it," I know what "it" is!!) scrapbook. Must. change. that.

So far this pregnancy is flying by! :) Nothing to complain about, nothing to write home about either.

We had another doctor's appointment today and everything looked great! I am officially +1 pound. As happy as this makes me right now, I'm no fool. I totally know all that weight is going to catch up with me. For now, I'm basking in my +1 pound of glory!

I started having problems with sciatica several weeks ago, just on the left side. As long as I can keep pressure off my tailbone during the day, I can stay pain free. I had a couple of really rough days, but I think I've figured out the triggers to this (like sitting on the hard carpet floor all day playing with Cale). I'm assuming it's just due to the way my hips are spreading not right now, not a problem I had with Cale at all. Sometimes it's very painful in my super low back (think tailbone area), into my left hip, and right down my left leg. Other times I experience numbness and tingling. Super weird feeling. And other times things like just my two most lateral toes will go numb. Weird. Love how my body just can't do anything normal. Oh well. I'm growing an amazing gift :)

Other than that minor hiccup, I'm feeling GREAT!

Growing more and more in love with this little baby each day!

Cale wants to introduce you to his BROTHER, Wade Logan Hancock :) I know, I know that us momma's say "I'll take whatever is healthy," which is the honest truth. BUT, deep in my momma heart, I was really wanting another sweet baby boy. Yay! Yay! Yay! YAAAAAY!

We've know it was a "brother" for approximately 8 hours, and I've already been caught calling my boys "Cade and Wale" several times. Poor boys, they have a crazy momma! Better get used to it.

Here I am at 17 weeks (last Sunday). I was going to post side-by-side comparison photos of my two pregnancies, but I realized how much older and 'lack luster' I look these days. Sigh. I'm turning 30 soon, and being honest, I'm having a hard time with it. Go ahead and feel free to stroke my ego, it could use it ;)



Shannon said...

I'll be the first... you look beautiful! Congratulations on another sweet baby boy!!!

Chelsea said...

Cale is so gorgeous...and SO ARE YOU! Congratulations on such a big gift from God.

Ashley said...

Love his name!!! You look great!!!

Lindsey said...

Congrats on baby BOY #2!!! And you look beautiful and not a day over 29 ;)

Nessa said...

Lindsi, I have been feeling the same way about getting older. It just seems like the last 5 years I have aged so much. But I try to look on the bright side; I look more like my amazing and wonderful Aunt and Grandma every day! :) And pregnancy is beautiful and suits you. You were gorgeous with Cale and you are gorgeous with Wade! And don't feel guilty about the whole 2nd baby scrapbook thing. I think every mom has a harder time filling out all those little details, especially when you are already chasing a little one around.
Also, for the pain, can you go to PT? I went to PT for both pregnancies to help with my hip and back pain and it was a miracle worker!
Hang in there Mama, it is gonna get better!

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