Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coupon Queen

Just call me the Coupon Queen. :)

I am well on my way to obtaining that goal that I set for myself (you can find my "goals" in the left hand column on my blog). I clipped coupons at work on Sunday, and graciously donated my first one to a girlfriend at Walgreen's the other night. She was buying shaving cream in anticipation for our lake day yesterday....and, I just *happened* to have a coupon for her shaving cream, saving her an entire $2.00! :) Wow? I know, right.

I promised her that I would blog about that situation because I'm so proud of the savings....and, the fact that she's laughs at my coupon clipping AND my new blogging obsession!

Being the good friend that she is, though, she found me some super cute coupon organizers on Etsy the other night. I will be investing in one soon :)

....PS, I'm not so sure I have informed my husband that we will now be shopping with coupons. :) Oops! I'm sure he will laugh at me too, probably the same way he laughs when I buy healthy food for the house. It's not my fault he has the metabolism of a 5th grader and mine has slowed down tremendously.


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