Monday, May 3, 2010

Whirlwind of a Weekend

I was so excited to have three days off of work, but before I knew it they were full of activities. Now I need a day off of work to recover from my weekend! :)

On Friday, I did all my normal household chores and grocery shopping during the day. I managed to even squeeze in some time to take Bentley to see his Daddy at the firestation. Alan had been gone working and camping so much lately that Bentley and I were really missing him. Below is a picture of the boys at the station, Bentley fits right in! Friday was wrapped up with dinner with my mom at Fox and Hound.

Saturday, Alan and I traveled to Stillwater with the Ellingtons for Michael Krebs' wedding. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and use my best manners while having to spend an afternoon on the OSU campus (ha!). We did eat at Eskimo Joes, which ended up being a below par experience.

Sunday, we had family over to the house for Mothers Day. I know we were a week early with our celebration, but Alan and I both work on "real" Mothers Day. It was such a nice day to be able to have everyone together! We had a non-traditional Mothers Day meal.....with mexican as the cuisine in honor of Cinco de Mayo later this week.

Speaking of Cinco de Mayo, Alan thinks Afternoon Delight will be making her appearance on Wednesday. He spent his Sunday evening getting her all cleaned up and ready to hit the water, hopefully on Cinco de Mayo :) As crazy as that sounds, us Hancock's will probably be on the lake in TWO DAYS!! Yay!


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