Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weeks Worth of Randomness

I realize that it's been a week since I've last blogged, and while you may not realize it, I have a new blogging obsession. I spend A LOT of my time at work browsing (jealously) through other women's blogs. I'm gonna get this whole graphic design/computer programming/blog designer thing down ;) Y'all just wait and see.

I should probably tell you all about my lake-ing accident, so you can also share in my pain and misery. Last Wednesday we successfully put Afternoon Delight in the water at Skiatook Lake. It was such a perfect day....mid-80's, super sunny, no clouds, empty lake...couldn't have been better. All that perfectness was interrupted when I had a little run-in with the ladder. While attempting to get into the lake to "tinkle" I hit my left foot on the ladder and knocked off a toenail. :( YUP, a toenail. To this day it still is attached by one very small corner and I don't have the guts to pull it off or do anything else with it for that matter. It hurts, but I will get through this like a champ!

On another random note, Alan and I spend a wonderful two days off work together on Monday and Tuesday. (By "off work," I meant that we had to go up to EMSA both days for things, but nonetheless, we were together). We haven't been lazy and hung around our house with Bentley is quite a long time, but that's about all that got accomplished on those days.

Lastly, and randomly, I wore shiny red heels to work today and I have felt very authorative when I hear my heels clicking in the hallways. :)


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