Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Confessions of a Perfectionist

I have to confess tattle on myself for some recent issues I have developed :)
All of these arise each time I do my bi-monthly grocery store excursions for our household, and I can't hold them back any longer.

1) I have issues with people pushing their shopping carts down the "wrong" side of an aisle. C'mon people, it's like a city street. Stay to the right, leave the left lane for passing.  (Biggest offender of this rule is MEN in the grocery store.)

2) I also have issues with the sweet little couples that like to do their grocery store shopping together, especially the ones that feel the need to walk RIGHT next to each other down any given aisle. The aisle's are  not big enough for two love birds to hold hands and grocery shop, allowing me enough space to get my business done. Single file, people, single file.

3) It somewhat stresses me out to see a fellow shopper throw their items on the conveyor belt at check out in no organized manner. Do they not realize that by grouping similiar items they will get bagged together,  and in turn, end up easier to put away at home?!

4) It REALLY upsets me when I have my groceries completely organized for check out by likeness and the checker/bagger does not bag them in that particular fashion. I'm trying to make life easier on everyone, and I don't like when they put my frozen lunch meals in the same bag with my deodorant. Ugh! (Again, men are the biggest offenders of this rule.)

Other than some parking lot etiquette, those pretty much wrap up my stressors as a grocery shopper of Walmart.  I prefer to grocery shop alone, leaving Alan at home.  He doesn't understand all of this etiquette OR how to organize items in the shopping cart :) He knows it's his downfall with me. Perhaps he does it on purpose so that he doesn't have to be included in my crazy shopping sprees?!  I couldn't say I blame him.

Any thoughts on this subject, my fellow Walmart perfectionist friends?


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