Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heaven Gained an Angel

On Tuesday, June 1st around 4pm my Grandpa Wayne left this earth to be with our sweet Savior.  He had planned for that moment for so long, and while we are left here on earth weeping over our temporary loss, I know that he is in Heaven rejoicing over the gift that was promised to him!  What a glorious day for him! :)

I thought about sharing stories, but I couldn't pick just ONE. There are so so so many funny and memorable things to share and I honestly don't have a favorite.  But, I will share something funny that sums Grandpa up very nicely.....

......When I called my family to check on things today, Aunt Debbie informed me that my very recently widowed Grandma was preparing a brisket for all the visitors that they were expecting over the next several days. (Note that numerous people have already brought over food, and that she has a full kitched stocked with things to eat.)  I laughed, because....well....that's just my Grandma. That woman is always concerned about others and making sure they have full bellies, I think that might be where I get it from.  Anyhow, after laughing and shaking my head at this not-so-surprising news, Alan informed me that that had been my Grandpa's wishes.  Apparently, some time ago, as Grandpa was preparing for this time in our lives, he told my Grandma that he didn't want her worrying about things and trying to feed people in the event of his death. So, he instructed her to go out and buy a brisket...that was what she was to feed people with during this time. HAHA! Knowing my Grandpa, I'm sure he sent her to the store to buy the brisket the very second that he thought of the idea. Ornery man! 

Needless to say, this man will definately be missed for the remainder of our time on earth. It is comforting knowing that we will see each other face-to-face in due time, and that we can spend our remaining days on this earth carrying out the legacy that he instilled in each of us! Love you, Grandpa!


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