Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Festivities.

We had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend, filled with good food, good music, good friends, hot sun, and cool lake water! :)

Friday night, Brooks and Dunn with Jason Aldean........ (YUM!)
We met some friends at The Brook for pre-concert dinner.
Thanks to Alan, we had great seats! We both agreed that this concert was TOP 5 concerts of all time!

Saturday, Sand Springs Loose Rowel Memorial Day Rodeo to watch my favorite cowgirl, Kristi.
Kristi (or Kristen, as the announcer was calling her) is my girlfriends younger sister and is a kick-butt 15 year old!  She has a beautiful horse, Zena.

And, last but not least, Sunday. Bentley and I spent the day with friends at Johnson Holler while Daddy had to work :(  Bentley LOVED his day, though, swimming with friends and playing in the woods.  He is quite the lil' swimming guy!


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