Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i LOVE love

I guess I'm just feeling extra mushy these days, but I'll admit.....

 .......i LOVE love.

We were suppose to take a trip to see Jill and Beau, Alan's sister and brother-in-law, over this last weekend, but due to the circumstances surrounding the loss of my grandpa we stayed at home.  I was bummed about my grandpa, but at the same time, I was bummed about not getting to spend time with our new nephew and his awesome parents.

Like most all things in my life, God knew exactly what He was doing.  Alan and I did NOTHING except enjoy each other's company all weekend long (6 days to be exact).  We have a tendancy to over-book our schedules and run ourselves silly, so this was the perfect excuse to sit around our house with no "for real" plans for an entire SIX days!  We pretty much did whatever we wanted to do, which was a lot of being lazy!

I am going back to work tomorrow, and my cup runneth over with love from these last few days. :)

We were able to laugh together, cry together, celebrate together, and be quiet together.
I've always known that I have an AMAZING marriage (I know, I know....I'm kinda partial), but these last few days proved it!  I love my husband with everything that I am, and feel like God completed me when He put Alan in my life.  It's not like we have some super crazy easy marriage; we have a normal, everyday kinda of love!  I couldn't ask for more!

That might be a little more mushy than you wanted to read about, but I am over-joyed at the moment for no particular reason!


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