Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Family :)

I don't have a lot to say today, so I just thought I'd take a moment and brag on my AWESOME family.
I realize that my nephew, Tyce, has made the blog since I've started this whole thing, but I haven't had the opportunity to brag on my other three loves!  These are pictures of my three nieces, Brooke, Paige, and Morgan....the absolute prettiest, most well behaved little girls ever! (I am a little partial, though)  Enjoy! :)

I had been holding Morgan for quite some time this afternoon trying to get her to settle down, she had been cranky because she was awake for a loooonnnng time during a family function. Uncle Alan took her out of my arms and walked her around, talking to her in the sweetest little uncle voice. Soon enough, Morgan was sound asleep in his arms. Melts my little heart! (Obviously, this was pre-nap time)

Morgan LOVES her Auntie Lindsi so much!
I need to post a picture of Jordan (my brother) as a child, Morgan looks exactly like him at this age. Only prettier.


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