Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours

My family took another hit this morning with the loss of my Uncle Ronnie. :(

He'd been in the hospital for SEVEN weeks trying to fight off an awful pneumonia infection that he acquired during an "over night" hospital stay for a blood transfusion secondary to some anemia he developed as a result of chemotherapy he was taking for his non-hodgkins lymphoma. (Wow, what a mouth-full, huh?) His story is quite sad, but it's hard to feel sorry for him knowing that he has seen the face of Jesus and so many loved ones that he has been apart from.  I'm happy to know that his body has been restored.....and, can imagine that he's up there sharing his golfing stories.  :)  If you have a second while reading this, would you please offer up a prayer or two for my Auntie?  She could use the comfort and healing that I know only God can provide her with at this time.

On a less frumpy note, I wanted to share this picture with you that I stole from my friend, Rachel's, blog:
These two girls, Rachel and Tricia, are absolutely phenomenal, precious friends.  Even though our friendship hasn't been that long in years, I feel as if I've known these two girls my whole life!   I would love to brag on them, but I'll spare you...just know that they are truly gifts from God in my life :)

We took this picture at the Jason Aldean/Brooks and Dunn concert at the end of May....it was the same day I put the red(ish) streaks in my hair AND Trish cut hers off to donate it! Basically, I just thought it was a good picture of the three of us!


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