Monday, July 26, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

I came to work this morning with a new, refreshed spirit about me.

My husband has been studying extra hard over the last month and a half for a promotional exam on August 2nd.  Our big family of three has had to sacrifice in order to help him study.  For those of you that know Alan well, you know how active of a boy he is. He is not the kind of person to sit around with a book in his face, especially during the summer!  We all three understand that our sacrifices could potentially lead to a financial gain for our family and a much earned promotion for Alan at the firestation. Bentley and I have had to sacrifice plenty of our fun, special "Daddy" time this summer. :(  We have been sad about it, but keeping a cheerful demeanor when talking to Alan about his dedication to his studying.  I know that Alan misses his time with us just as much, if not more, than we've been missing him.

Yesterday, we put the books aside and had an entire day of "family lounging at our house" day! :)  We went to church, ate lunch, and claimed our spots on the couch where we enjoyed Nascar, Indy Racing, World Cup Softball, Golf, and last but not least, The Hangover. Bentley LOVED having his Daddy available for rope and fetch!  Still not wanting our day to come to an end, we loaded up our car with our giant golden retriever at 10pm and headed out for icecream at Sonic, then we took a slllloooow drive around our neighborhood with the windows down--someone in the car really enjoys that activity, I'll let you decide who I'm talking about.  We wrapped up our evening by laying in bed and reading Bentley some of his favorite Bible stories: Jesus walking on the water to his disciples and the story of Zaccheus and the sycamore tree.  :)

Our family NEEDED that day together!  Alan had been just as frustrated about studying, as Bentley and I had been about missing our "Daddy" time.  We now are refreshed, energized, and encouraged to help Alan over the next seven days "finish strong" in his studying and preparations for his big test next Monday! :)  Either way the outcome of the test, we know that he studied with persistency and dedication-- and he still makes us PROUD!

Whenever he is finally done with all this studying, promotion or no promotion, our family will be planning one of these:  



Jenny said...

I'll be praying that he gets all his studying done and passes his test. We are in the same boat. All though Chris is studying at work and we don't see him. Our 2 weeks was nice though.

Maggie S said...

Hope the test goes well.

Alan and Lindsi said...

Thanks for the sweet thoughts, ladies!
It's a pretty competitive promotion--there are about 200 guys testing for 25 spots. The last time they did these promotions the 25th guy had scored a 96% on the test--yikes! Of course I'm partial to my hard-working husband, but I know how hard ALL the guys work for this.

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