Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy, Busy Week(end)

My belly is feeling much better, every day got easier and easier to move around!

I'm now back to normal size--for awhile there it looked like the doctor put a small fetus in my belly while he was in there. :) I don't think it works that way, though.  I think I finally weigh my pre-surgery weight too! All the swollen(ness) and gas in my belly area put 6lbs on my body, phew!  Somehow, though, I managed to come out of all of this with a head cold-yuck! Leave it to me to figure out someway to be sick. I've been on antibiotics for 5 days now, just as a post-surgery routine. Needless to say, they aren't stopping whatever bug I have in my nose and face! ....Please ignore the hideous, unmakeup-ed face in the picture below, I just wanted y'all to see the massiveness of my belly:

On Monday night, Alan and I ventured out to see the WWE: Monday Night Raw. Both of us have followed wrestling since our younger days--and neither of us care that you're laughing right now ;) It was an amazing time! I will leave you to salivate over the amazing body of John Cena, he's on my TOP FIVE list of best-looking men of all time in the whole wide world :) You get the picture.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us at our household, so I'm really needing my body to cooperate.  Jill and Tyce are in town---YAY for Tyce's first Oklahoma visit. :) I hope he knows this is where he belongs, the great Sooner state! (I just can't grasp the idea of my nephew as a Longhorn fan--or any Texas school for that matter) And, Saturday is Jordan and Jessica's wedding reception at our house! My brother and sister-in-law went away to Eureka Springs to get married, so our family decided to throw them a non-traditional(ish) wedding reception--complete with burgers and hotdogs! I'm so excited for a whole weekend full of a handsome husband and wonderful family!


Maggie S said...

Glad you're feeling better. Hope you have a great time this weekend.

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