Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick Update

Hey y'all....

Alan left the computer in bed with me :)
Just wanted to give you a quick update from my surgery today.

Everything went fantastic!  I was a little nervous about being put to sleep, but I put my big girl panties on and tried not to show it.  A sweet little nurse grabbed my hand and held it the whole time I was being given medications pre-sleep, she was so kind and reassuring.

I don't remember seeing the doctor after surgery, but got a report from my mom and Alan.
He removed a significant amount of endometriosis from around my uterus and bowels, I'll learn more about this at our post-op appointment, though. Also, he removed a large septum from my uterus--I guess he indicated to Alan that it was larger than he originally thought.

Basically, that's it.
I'll learn about all the remainder of my treatment at my post-op appointment--sounding like Glucophage, Estrogen, and Lupron, though---ugh! I might be a bit of an emotional, hormonal train wreck for awhile :)

My pain has been fairly under control with the help of my little narcotic friend!  Of course, it hurts a decent amount of move around, but Ive been laying in bed all afternoon/evening.  Throat is a little sore from being intubated and Ive had "morning voice" all day, hehe!

Thanks for checkin' in with me today!



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