Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life, Master Bedroom

It's a "Show us Your Life"  day hosted by Kelly over at Kellys Korner. 

Our master bedroom isn't much to write home about.
Excuse the lack of window treatments :(
We're getting new windows soon, and I will be SUPER excited to have pretty curtains hanging to compliment the new pretty windows!!
This is the view from the doorway.
Our bedroom set was given to me by my maternal grandparents after I moved home from college.
The chest at the foot of the bed was my great-grandmothers.
There is a GIANT window to the left, but I didnt catch it in the picture.

My mister's nightstand.
Nothing spectacular, photos, Bible, and a copy of the Oklahoma Self Defense Act.
I've never thought about it until now, but that's a strange collection ;)

My nightstand.
LOVE my pink Scentbug. :)
Those books are "in waiting." Thats where I keep the stack of books I'm reading next.

The Dresser.
Actually contains all MY stuff :)

This was a poem that my mom's sweet friend wrote for us as a wedding gift.
It was a read to us at our wedding reception by my cousin--total surprise!
Beautiful, thoughtful gift!

After taking these pictures and posting them to my blog, I have realized that the wall behind our bed needs a little "pizzazz." Any of you creative readers have some suggestions?
Hope you've enjoyed your tour around our room!!



Tiffany said...

Everything looks great! I thought the same exact thing about my bed/wall above my bed when we moved into our house. I got 3 frames from Hobby Lobby, printed out our initials and got a mat to go around it. It was about $30 total and I think it did the trick! Here is a link in case I have royally confused you. :)

Lindsi said...

Thanks, Tiffany....LOVE your idea. We have a small awkward window on that wall that won't allow everything to be centered--it is a challenge for my anal-retentive side. Hope you have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your bedroom looks fabulous! I love the light blue and brown color scheme. I know how you feel about the non centered things on the wall I have the same issue. What about a vinyl decal? You could get a favorite quote or something that might look good not centered.

Anonymous said...

love your bedroom!!!

I must ask, what is a scentbug??

Lindsi said...

It's a little fragrance dispenser thingy from Bath and Body Works. You put their scented oil in the bottom of it, and it makes your room smell so wonderful!

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