Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take that Menopause, Week 3

Its my weekly update for y'all.

Not too much to report. I havent noticed much difference with my body EXCEPT for my tear ducts. They seem to work too frequently, haha :)  I can tear up at the drop of a hat.  I tear up more frequently over happy things than sad things....for example, I think I teared up at least 4-5 times in church on Sunday during worship and the sermon.  It's silly, there's nothing I can do except laugh at myself.  So if you're thinking about crying, don't. I promise you that I have shed enough tears for all of us this last week or so.

Im totally cool with crying. Most things that I was warned of Im totally cool with. I have just feared turning into crazy, psycho chick.  Alan might answer differently, but I think Im still "normal" :)

Next week, I get shot #2.  Bring it on!



Tere and Rodney said...

I'm proud of ya girlie! You are taking everything in stride and not getting worked up over it. You know they say laughter is the best medicine.

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