Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

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Growing up most of our "vacations" ended up being softball and baseball trips, as those two sports occupied the vast majority of our summers.  It was extremely hard to travel with two active, competitive-sport playing teenagers. We squeezed in a couple family trips to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit family--east Tennessee is beautiful!  My husband came from similiar circumstances due to his extracirricular events, so we've decided to always make a point to travel with each other. We have thoroughly enjoyed our post-college and married time together taking fun vacations.  It is something I hope we can continue with our children.

The past two fall seasons we have visited Branson, Missouri.
Last fall we stayed at Thousand Hills Golf Resort, which was a nice central location just off the strip. We both liked it enough to make it our family's official lodging destination for future Branson trips.  We usually catch a few shows, eat good food, and shop! It's perfect for early Christmas shopping in the fall.
Usually two times a year, sometimes three, we visit Texas Motor Speedway for Nascar and Indy Racing events. Alan volunteers his time as a pit road firefighter, in exchange for a prime camping spot and free tickets for his dear wife :)  Although it sometimes calls for early mornings and hot afternoons, it is hardly "work" for Alan. He LOVES Nascar, and this opportunity gives him a chance to be part of a crew for the entire race.  The past couple race seasons he has been in Joey Lagano's pit.  We LOVE our Nascar trips!

And, finally, our CRUISES! They should seriously have an addiction group for cruise junkies. We went on our honeymoon for the first time and absolutely fell in love with the cruising lifestyle.  It is right up our alley---and, the price is always right!  We are sand and sun 'o holics in the Hancock household.  We will be married two years in November, and we're going on our third cruise in February.  I CANNOT. WAIT. to be on the ocean with some of our closest friends!



Molly said...

Cute photos! We are thinking about taking a trip to Branson over Thanksgiving weekend.

LOVE your blog! I'm definitely going to be following along :)

Katie K. said...

Love all of the pictures!

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