Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

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I'm kind of parital to all of these smiling faces, but I'm confident that I have the best friends on the face of the planet. These are some of the most genuine, loving, kind-hearted, fun, amazing people I have ever met!

Me, Trish, and Kyla--Chili Bowl, January 2010

Rachel, Me, and Trish--Brooks and Dunn, May 2010

Me, Kelli, and Aubrey--Buffalo Wild Wings, September 2010

Trish and Me--Wildhorse Saloon, July 2010

Jenny, Me, Sarah, Kyla, Rachel, Sarah, Stephanie, Lindsay, & Trish
6th Annual Float Trip Extravaganza, June 2010

Me and Rachel--Drillers, September 2010

Me and Trish--Nascar, April 2010

5th Annual Float Trip Extravaganza, June 2009

6th Annual Float Trip Extravaganza, June 2010

Me and April--George Strait, January 2008

Stephanie and Me--Extreme Makeover, February 2010



Lindsay Thomas said...

Looks like you have great, fun friends!

ty said...

Fun friends! I did Extreme Makeover a few years ago when they were in Arkansas!

Whitney said...

Great pictures!!!

Melissa said...

Cute blog and pictures! I love your Miranda Lambert quote on your sidebar, too! Great song!

Zach/April Rowell said...

I'm very pleased to make a second appearance in your blog! :)

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