Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 28

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You might just want to prop your feet up for this one :)  I couldn't think of just one little thing, so you're getting all my stresses in list form. Enjoy!

1) Unorganization
Seriously. Like nobody's business.

2) Bad Drivers
I am a girl, I drive a suburban.  I am a paramedic, I drive an ambulance. I can back either vehicle into ANY parking spot.  I consider myself a good driver, and I need everyone else to be good drivers too :) Thanks.

3) Random Things laying on my Kitchen Counters
There are only two of us that live at my house. I'll let you decide who is the main offender of this offense. :)

4) Emails/Texts/FB Status Updates with Improper Punctuation and use of Capitalization
I have a coworker that sends out emails daily without any punctuation, this seriously crawls all over my skin.  I really need therapy over this one. There are times in the mornings when I have to put off reading these emails because it will kill my happy-morning-mood.

5) Lukewarm Sports Fans
I feel the need to elaborate on this one:  I. love. my. sports. teams.  I would rather people go all out or nothing on choosing a sports team.  I don't like those people who pretend to be a super-fan of a team, but can't even hold a conversation about the coach, quarterback, or driver.

I have plenty more to add to this list, but I feel my heart rate rising as I'm having to think about them. Haha!  If you haven't figured out, I'm a bit of a perfectionist.  It definitely comes with stresses, over things I have absolutely no business being stressed about, geez.



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