Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 29

If you've been reading my updates everyday, but have neglected to link up at Katie's Journey--shame on you!


I'm going to do a little adaptation to this subject's a very special day in our household--it's our TWO YEAR anniversary :)  We're spending the day traveling back to Oklahoma from our weekend away at Nascar. Luckily for me, Nascar will always fall on our anniversary "weekend." It's like I have built-in plans every year for our celebration.

In lieu of our anniversary, I'll share THREE WISHES for my MARRIAGE:

1) I wish that my husband and I both live loooooong lives.
I want to be holding his hand when we're in our late 80's.
....all the while he's wearing his blue old man coveralls :)

2) I wish that we will be able to share the joy of being parents.
We have had a few hurdles to jump on this particular journey.
I know that God knows the desires of our hearts, but I will trust in Him and His timing.

3) I wish that God will continue to bless us "immeasurably more than we can imagine." (Eph 3:20)  I feel like we've been given so much more than we ever deserve, and it's my prayer for our marriage that we continue to honor God and receive His blessings!

I hope it's evident through my writings that I absolutely ADORE the man I married :)  I am constantly humbled by the fact that God created me just to be Alan's wife.  I have so much respect, adoration, and love in my heart for that man---he is such a blessing to me.  I love him and I love our teamwork! :)



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