Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Husband, the Hero

My husband got home from the station a little later than normal today, because he was up all night running calls.  Sounds tiresome, but my boy lives for good fires!  :)  He said they had spent some time out on a difficult extrication from a car wreck, in which a man died, and they had just pulled back into the station when they got the house fire call.  I so proud of him and his fellow firefighters, not just anyone would have the endurance to face a difficult night like this in which you have to be awake, attentive, and energized to perform life-saving tasks.  He's my hero at home every day, but I also love that he is a hero to many other people.

I posted a few short videos from the fire last night to my facebook, because I couldn't figure out how to get the on my blog--bleh!  Feel free to mosey on over there to check them out!

That is actually Alan on the nozzle during a controlled night burn.  During his training--five years ago--they have a controlled burn at night and they set up bleachers so that family members can come watch their favorite firefighters do what they do best!



Ashley said...

I am also soo proud of my hero as well. The stuff they have to deal with is crazy!! God bless our heros!! We truely are lucky!!

Molly said...

What a wonderful career path your (and you too) hubbs chose! I'm sure it is rewarding being able to save lives every day!

And if I make a petition for a cricut, you'll be the first one to sign (after me of course) ha!


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