Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nascar, As Promised :)

I'm finally getting around to posting about our Nascar trip a couple of weeks ago.  We take a trip down to Texas Motor Speedway every April and November for some Nascar racing action--it's a little slice of heaven in our redneck world!  We camp with the same awesome friends each race, they are all people we've met in our years at the track.  We LOVE our Nascar friends! 

Alan donates his time as a Pit Road Firefighter for these races---this leaves us with a sweet camping spot and free ticket to the weekend festivities.

WARNING: The following pictures might lead you to believe we're slightly redneck.  I like to consider the two of us "well-rounded." We're just in touch with our Oklahoma roots :)
Random Alan and Lindsi Pictures:

Messing around at the Speed Channel

Lindsi as Ryan Newman. Alan as Tony Stewart.

 Track Pictures:
Green Flag at the Cup race

Racing under the lights

Tunnel from the Stands to the Infield
This tunnel goes under the track
 Nascar Friends:
LaDawna and I
I'm not ashamed to sport my coveralls, obviously :)

Me, Ryan (first-timer), and Randy (the Kyle Busch fan-Yuck!)

Valorie (the Jeff Gordon fan) and Me

Marcus, Tucker, and Me
Both boys work Pit Road Fire with Alan

LaDawna and Ryan

Ryan and Logan

Nascar Infield Festivities:
Self-Explanatory :)

This requires a story. I'm not gonna lie: Nascar is a huge adult party spot. It's actually quite amazing to observe. Luckily, with my profession, nothing surprises me.  Every Saturday night our huge group walks the infield, which is where a lot of the big parties happen. Typically, lots of music and dancing, the occasional flat bed with a stripper pole, mardi gras beads, plenty of half-naked girls, golf carts doing wheelies, and the guy in this picture.  We found this 'ol boy wondering around in his scrubs with is IV pole and a fluid bag containing some sort of liquor. He was offering shots out of the tubing-haha! Creepy! or awesome?!

Like any other Nascar weekend, this one did not disappoint us.  In fact it was some of the BEST racing I'd seen at this track in several years. For starters, I got to see my heart throb, Carl Edwards, win a race on Saturday afternoon--this alone made my weekend!  Sunday's Sprint Cup race was packed with excitment, including a fist fight in Turn 2 after there was a wreck under caution. I won't bore you with all the Nascar mumbo jumbo, just know it was an awesome race and an awesome weekend!


Caroline said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I've heard Nascar races in person are the best!

Raymond Phillips said...

I really have to make it down with you two for one of these NASCAR trips!

Val said...

Hi five to Randy (I'm a Kyle Busch fan too). Looks like a lot of fun. I go to the races in February and October when they're in SoCal, but now that they've taken one race away from us, I'll have to check out Phoenix or Las Vegas tracks next.

Gonna be sad to watch the final race this weekend. I'm not in the least bit interested in watching football on Sunday as a replacement. :-)

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