Friday, January 7, 2011

Whatta Man

It's finally FRIDAY, y'all! :)

We have some fun weekend plans, including a pre-vacation party with our friends!  Oh yeah....that's right....VACATION. We're taking a cruise with 6 other couples in THIRTY FIVE days :)  I ordered a new pair of sparkly flip flops today, and I have intentions of starting my pre-cruise tanning next week.

Anyhow, enough about all that bidness. I wanna tell y'all what my sweet man did for me this week. Honestly, it's probably not that big of a deal, but to my little heart, it was!  Alan is not the best at his "honey do" lists, so I rarely ask him to do things for me on his days off work from the fire station.  I stress myself out sometimes frequently with my responsibilities of working, managing our home, cleaning our home, paying our bills, cooking, cleaning, planning, bathing the dog, laundry, ironing....see how my brain works?! I exhaust myself. Recently I've had this fear of "who will do all these things when I'm big, fat, and pregnant?" or "who will do all these things while I care for a newborn?" (note: I'm not pregnant)  I can lay in bed at night and keep myself awake with this nonsense.  I have expressed these concerns to my darling husband--and even brought myself to *gulp* ask him to vacuum the house. I was working in the kitchen while he vacuumed, and I cringed the whole time. It's really ridiculous what I work myself into sometimes.  I'm determined to break this mold in 2011, though!

Part of my "routine" is my grocery shopping. I keep a running grocery list on the fridge door, and I do our grocery shopping every-other-week on my payday weekend. It's down to an exact science, basically. Well, while I was working away on Thursday, my husband (without being asked) took the grocery list off the fridge and proceed to take himself to The Walmart to pick up the items on the list!! :) This made my heart SO happy!  Baby steps.

Circa 1994.

Hope each of you have a peaceful, blessed weekend!



Ashley said...

Maybe he is attempting to tell you he is ready for a baby? lol... Not that guys think that way or anything..

Rebekah said...

Wow! That cruise sounds wonderful! Especially with friends!

Girl, I feel the exact same way. I feel HORRIBLE if I ask Dylan to do anything around the house after he comes home from work or on his days off. He does so much, and I hate asking him to help me around the house.

allie-mac-fallie said...

thats wonderful!!! i feel the same way often as i am somewhat the bread winner of us. he is still trying to finish school and i am a teacher and i know that I will HAVE to (even though i have no desire) to work when we start having babies. Bummer!
Thats so wonderful that he jumped on board with helping out-- great start!!!!!!!

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