Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oklahoma Snow

After my 30+ hours stuck in my office at work, I came home to two handsome boys and a cozy, warm house! We enjoyed chili, triple chunk brownies, and snow ice cream--followed by plenty of R&R for this girl.

Today I had to drive my mister to the firestation; we're still unable to take his 2-wheel drive truck anywhere in this city. My suburban handles this like a champ, though! :)

Here is a glimpse of our snow day happenings:

My boys in the snow.

Boys will be boys. These two had a hay-day out there wrestling around in the pretty snow.

They were both plum wore out when they came inside.

Pretty sure this is before he "pounced."

Baby boy's never to old to be carried by his Daddy.

Taste testing the snow ice cream.

He thought it would be humorous to make his yellow.

He couldn't just leave mine alone.

We did plenty of this.

....and this. Note his awesome hair!

Bentley lounging on his couch.

No snow day would be complete without laundry......

.....or snuggling on the couch.....

.....or washing a few dirty dishes.....

....or cleaning out the fridge!

Overall, it was a relaxing but productive day for Bentley and I. I even managed to complete our taxes--one more thing checked off my list.  I'm starting to get used to this lazy snow day business!



The Mrs. said...

glad that you were able to have a good snow day! :)

I seriously need to try this snow ice cream, I've never heard of it until this year

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