Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend in a Nutshell

Greetings, friends!  I'm finally sitting down at my computer after a long, fun, restful, low-key weekend.  As much as I love y'all, I enjoy unplugging myself from blogging and facebooking during the weekend. We had plenty of activities planned, but I never felt rushed! I enjoyed spending some time with that handsome man of mine, as well as plenty of friend and family activities.

Friday evening, Alan and I got to experience a Randy Travis concert! He was everything I imagined--just a good 'ol clean-cut country guy. He sang all his wonderful old songs. I love the fact that he doesn't have to dance around on the stage with fancy lights and other effects. He just stands there and sings!

Saturday morning, we took Bentley to watch his cousin, Paige, play soccer. It was only her second game ever--and, her team won! It was so cute to watch all the girls celebrate after each goal they scored.

(Future Soccer Star)
(Bentley and Mimi)
(Bentley and His Daddy)
(Half-Time Snack)
(Gettin' in on the Action)
(Miss Paige Taylor of the Titans)

Saturday afternoon we went to a slightly belated FIRST birthday party for my youngest niece, Morgan.  With two, very active, older sisters and a family full of other cousins, it was hard to find a time for everyone to get together for this sweet girls celebration. We had so much fun watching her open presents and dig into her cake!

(Morgan with her Great Grandma)
(Opening Gifts)
(Happy Birthday, Morgan Danise!)

(Sweet little cake face)
(She obviously found a much easier way to do it, ha!)
(I LOVE her excited expression in this picture!)

(The Aftermath)

Saturday evening, Alan and I enjoyed browsing around the Tulsa Home and Garden Show. You know you're getting old when that's your idea of a Saturday date night, haha!

Sunday afternoon my mom hosted a baby shower for one of my friends from childhood. Kristen, mom-to-be, and I have been friends for 20+ years. The shower was beautiful, as was the soon-to-be momma! It was so fun to hang out with friends from high school that I don't get to see very often. (Speaking of high school, this fall is my TEN YEAR reunion--yikes!)  I'll try to post shower pictures later this week. I'm somewhat partial, but my momma did a fantastic job!

I consider Monday part of my weekends, especially since I never work on Mondays! ....so, last but not least, I picked up my Gram on Monday morning to take her to her hair appointment.  She got her sassy little "Jamie Lee Curtis" haircut and we grabbed some yummy Mexican food for lunch.  I spent the rest of my Monday cleaning, laundrying, ironing, and Bachelor-ing! :)

I think I'm all caught up on your blogs from the weekend! Hope each of you are having a wonderful week!


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