Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blog Questions

Good Saturday Morning to You All!

I have a couple quick questions for you more advanced bloggers out there. HELP ME! Please? :)

1) I'm interested in converting my blog back to a 2-column style. I'm not needing any changes to my background and/or header, just doing away with one column. Does anyone know how to do this? Simply? I don't want to jack anything up, but I'm just interested in enlarging the space for my posts and pictures.

2) Does anyone know how to change my "comment" form on each post? I guess I just use the one that comes with Blogger. I'd like to be able to comment back to people, but I don't think it lets me with the current form I use.

I figured one of you wise ladies would have the answers to my questions!

Thanks for your help :)



Neely said...

I wish I could help you :(

Amber said...

I wish I could help you. I'm incredibly tech challenged. I hired a blog designer to help me with my blog and I don't even attempt to make changes for fear that I will mess it up. Maybe there are some online tutorials you could look up?

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