Friday, May 13, 2011

Cat's Outta the Bag, Part Duece

Again, we're rewinding time just to catch y'all up!


I had my first pregnancy hormonal "lash out" today, only at the urge of my physician's nurse. I had some difficulty with my insurance filling my prescription for Lovenox while we were out of town. My phyisican was adamant that I start this new medication AS SOON AS we had a positive pregnancy test secondary to my history of pregnancy loss and documented PAI (and ANA) thrombophilia. Obviously the plain 'ol Baby Aspirin hadn't been getting the trick done. Well, through a series of phone calls with a very difficult to understand pharmacist in Denton it was determined that my insurance did not want to cover this prescription. Since this all happened on the weekend, I didn't want to be crazy psycho pregnant chick who bothered my physician while he was at home with his family. I promptly called their office on Monday morning, and their staff was irratated with my insurance company. They had faxed the "preauthorization form" to my insurance company on the preceeding Friday--which should go through immediately upon receipt. The staff urged me to call the customer service number on the back of my insurance card and "go up the food chain" until I found an answer. Needless to say, I was pretty darn proud of myself for the out-lashing I gave over the phone. It was totally uncharacteristic of me, so I'd like to think it was the hormones. I was told that it would still be an additional 24-72 hours before the prescription would be approved, but I was "more than welcome to buy what I needed out of pocket until then." (Note: Three daily injections costs $100). I pretty much accused my insurance company of trying to "play God" with my pregnancy, and informed them that I didn't think they were important enough to decide whether or not I got to carry a healthy pregnancy. Phew, this is getting too wordy. Just know that my lecture was successful, within 30 minutes my prescription was ready at the pharmacy. Best part: 30 days worth of injections = $10.

I went to the doctor's office on Monday morning for a recheck of my lab work.

The nurse called back with the results: HSG 727.

Yaaaay! :) It's rising just like it should.
I go back in one week for another lab draw, and depending on what it shows, we should be able to see this little guy on ultrasound.
On a side note, we've been calling it a "little guy" or "brother" around the house. Bentley said he won't be disappointed, though, if it's a sister. He'll love her just as much :)


I had my third quantative pregnancy test drawn yesterday, and have been not-so-patiently awaiting the nurses phone call today. I hardly slept last night in anticipation (fear is probably a better word) of the news that I might receive today. I had a looooonnnng talk with God on my way into work this morning, and asked him to calm my nerves and give me a sense of peace regarding the situation. I knew He was taking care of me today!
The nurse just called; my levels were GREAT! :) So, Alan and I get to see our little blessing for the first time next in SEVEN more days. I cannot wait to hear that precious heartbeat.
I am feeling so BLESSED today :)



Wes and Kendall said...

Wow! I am so happy for you both Lindsi! We'll be praying for you and your baby in the weeks to come :)

Chad and Ashley said...

Love love love! I think you should just write on your blog about your pregnancy because you can actually turn your blog into a book. My sister in law writes everyday about her pregnancy and giving birth in a foreign country (she's brave). Looking forward to follow your pregnancy journey!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! God's time is always perfect! Prayers for y'all!

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