Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daddy Loves His Babies

On days that Alan spends away from home at the firestation I try to send him a picture of BOTH his babies! I know how much he misses all of us when he's away--we're so thankful for a Daddy that loves us so! :)

Usually I send a little picture with a short blurb from both his kiddos, and he responds to each of them individually. Bet you didn't know a dog and a baby fetus were so good at texting, huh?! Ha!  Below is an example of what he receives:

"Hey Daddy! I'm real lazy today--is this why they call it the 'dog days of summer?' I miss you and can't wait to play rope! Love you!"

"Hey Daddy! One more week until I'm not a surprise to you anymore. I can't wait for you to know me better :) Love you so much already!"
We're so blessed that he is such a wonderful man, husband, and father to our family!



Melissa Jo said...

What precious pup & BUMP too of course1

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