Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Child, the Decathlete

I haven't even birthed this child, and I've already made myself eligible for the "Mother Fail of the Year" award.

Last night I was on my way to visit Alan at the firestation, when I learned that they'd be out of the fire house for a little while. So, I made a pit-stop at Mardel's to do a little browsing.  Still needing to waste a few more minutes, I stopped by a Rocket Brothers near the station. It's a  local drive-thru coffee shop type place--I figured a fun little decaffeinated drink wouldn't hurt anything.

I ordered a Regular Creme White Mocha Frapuccino, these are made without coffee. After handing me the drink, the barista stated, "there's ground up beans in there, but they contain very little caffeine." Call me gullible, but I believed the cute little smiling girl at the drive-thru. I proceeded to the firestation where I drank my delicious little treat.

About 1am, when I was still wide awake in bed, I started to doubt the wisdom of the barista in the drive-thru.  By 3am, I was positive that there had been a large amount of caffeine in the little ground up beans of who-knows-what in my yummy drink.  My alarm was set for 4:15am, and magically my eyelids finally grew heavy at approximately 3:47am. Needless to say, I had quite a restful nights sleep. All 27 minutes of it.

I know I can't feel the baby move yet, but (s)he has been very active during all of our recent ultrasounds. That's why I feel confident that my huge caffeine surge allowed my child to compete in the "Inaugural In-Utero Fetus Decathlon." You're welcome, baby!

Now I'm sitting at my desk at work, tired. Real tired. I imagine that little sweet baby of mine is getting plenty of rest in my comfy belly after the events of last night. Lucky.



Caroline said...

Oh no. Hope you (and baby) get some good rest tonight!

The Nolen's said...

Hope you're resting tonight... and yes honey, anything from Rocket Brother's / Starbucks / Etc (besides what specifically says DECAF) assume it has caffeine ;) even green tea has caffeine, which seems weird to me!

rest up lil' momma!!

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