Wednesday, June 8, 2011

.....And the Gifts Cometh

Immediately after announcing our pregnancy news to our family, the gifts started pouring in! :)  I don't know if we'll ever have to buy anything for this child--haha! 

Just wanted to share a few of the sweet things we've received:
One of Alan's childhood favorites

"My Daddy's a Firefighter" Onesie
Proud to support Daddy!!

Fireman Outfit

Giraffe and Soccer Ball
Alan's Mema had bought a similiar gift for Jill, my sister-in-law, when she was pregnant with Tyce. After she saw my reaction towards it at the baby shower, she immediately went out and purchased this one for us! Haha :) She's been holding onto it until the right time.
John Deere Boots--both sexes are covered!!

Diapers AND a Sweet Little Book

Mommy-to-Be Devotional Journal
HIGHLY RECOMMEND this as a gift for any expecting mother!

(Not pictured are a pair of maternity jeans, maternity shirt, and belly band courtesy of my Mom and Gram)

To say we are lucky and blessed is probably the understatement of the year!! :)



Caroline said...

Wonderful gifts! :)

Rebekah said...

These are wonderful! I LOVE the boots! Baby shoes melt me. :)

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