Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bless the Goodyear Tires

I'm a huge Nascar fan. Laugh. Think it's awesome. I don't really care :)

It's one of the only sports left that still invites a minister to offer an invocation prior to each race, which I think is awesome in itself. Prayin' and racin'---among many other things.

This is a video of the prayer that occured before the Nationwide Race in Nashville on Saturday night. Probably the. best. prayer. I've. ever. heard. ever.

Lord, thank you for Roush-Fenway racing!



Ness said...

LOVED IT!!! And I'm sure Alan (and Corey hehe) are grateful for thier smokin HOTT wives!!! :)

Val said...

I love it! Best ever!

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