Monday, July 25, 2011

Eyes Forward

I don't have any huge weekend updates (mostly because I've been sitting in an office all weekend) or weekend pictures (mostly because I've been sitting in an office all weekend). Ha! Can you tell Im in the finest of moods this morning?!  It's been a tiring, grouchy weekend for me.....aaaaand, I'm ready to pull out of this funk. Two. More. Days. Two. More. Days.

There are several things that have brought me immense JOY through my bad mood this weekend, though! Let's talk about those happy things :)

1) I found this free printable. Blessings, by Laura Story, is one of my absolute favorite songs right now.  I find it so applicable to my testimony, not to mention so many other trials in life! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song and message :) Speaking of Laura Story, she will be in town in a week and a half for a FREE outdoor concert! Yay!

 2) I received this picture via text message from Cale's Daddy :)  While I was sitting in my office on Saturday, he was busy being a very productive husband and daddy.  He found some new blinds at Lowe's for Cale's room, met his mom to pick up this furniture that they found for Cale's room, AND cleared out the room of our stuff to make room for Cale's new furniture! Wow :) I'm in love with this sweet furniture!  (Note: He and Bentley added the decorations to the dresser, hehe!) I'm planning on spending some time in this room on my days off, so I'll grab some better pictures.
 My boys are the GREATEST!

3) And, last but not least, the lyrics to this song:


You see the depths
of my heart
and you love me
the same.

You are amazing God!"

Doesn't that deserve a big "AMEN" on this Monday morning?!



CHH said...

Dear Lindsi,

It sure does.

Have a great day.



Rebekah said...

I adore that song by Laura Story. The tears just FLOW when I hear it! Cale has a pretty sweet daddy! Good luck with the last 2 days!

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