Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Cale Update

Today, I'm 21 weeks. Wowzers. Time flies.

I haven't put on "real clothes" or make-up today, so there has been no picture to accompany a 21-week post. It'll make it's way to the 'ol blog during the weekend sometime.

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday, and once again, everything went marvelous! :)  Cale had all of his measurements taken--he's a BIG growing boy! He's measuring a bit ahead of schedule. I snagged a Dr. Pepper on the way to our appointment so that he would perform optimally on the ultrasound, haha!

Going into this process (well.....back up, after my laproscopy last July), my physician told me that whenever we did become pregnant I would have to have a c-section secondary to the strength (or lack of) of my uterus. No problemo for us!  Yesterday, my doctor went a little farther into explaining the situation to us. Because of the amount of endometriosis and the large septum they removed from my uterus, the walls aren't strong enough to endure a full-labor. They worry about things like uterine rupture-ouch, and no thank you!  Also, he explained that the placenta likes to attach to the scar tissue from the removed septum AND not deliver after the baby causing a prolapsed uterus---again, ouch and no thank you! That's exactly the position of my placenta too, so by c-section we are removing that possibility.  I want Cale to come out nice and strong, but I also want to protect my own body in hopes that we can have another healthy, normal pregnancy again! Cale wants another brother AND sister, he told me so :)

With all that over-sharing about my body out of the way, the doctor went on to tell us that if Cale keeps growing at this nice, strong rate.....he could be here by THANKSGIVING! What?! That's 3 1/2 months. Caaaaarazy!  Nonetheless, if it's not Thanksgiving, it will definitely be that following week. Still crazy!

We are definitely gloating, happy, proud, immensely blessed parents! :)

.......and because we're so in love with this face.



Rebekah said...

He is going to be such a precious boy! I'm so glad things are going well and how crazy that he could be here by Thanksgiving!

allie-mac-fallie said...

gosh! so precious already!! :)

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