Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blessings! and Weekend Update

I meant to post this yesterday, but my Monday morning seemed to have plans all of it's own! I had already settled into my office chair for the day when my phone rang at exactly 6:59am---it was my mom. Not exactly daily, but frequently, she will call me to chit chat on her way into work. Yesterday morning our conversation started out with this: "Don't panic. This isn't an emergency, but your dad has been involved in a wreck. He flipped his truck on the highway."  Her voice was calm, so it left me reassured that everything was going to be alright. He was being transported to the hospital via ambulance (the service that I work for). I left work to meet her at the hospital. She had already contacted Alan and he was on his way to the wreck scene to collect things out of the truck before it was towed. At that time, these were the only details I knew.

Long story short, we were all truly BLESSED yesterday morning! My Dad walked out of the emergency room sore, with many small cuts and scrapes, but nothing life threatening.  He was traveling along the highway to work when another truck simply switched lanes RIGHT. INTO. HIM. This caused him to skid and spin off the road, whenever his tires left the pavement his truck started flipping.  It ended up laying on the passenger side, which left him dangling from his seat belt on the drivers side. He was able to undo the belt, responders broke out the drivers side window, so he hoisted himself up and out of the truck. 

Alan grabbed a few pictures of the truck after the wrecker turned it back over--after seeing the damage to the passenger compartment I think we all realized how truly blessed we were to have him safe and sound without any more significant physical damage!

His truck actually rolled UP that small incline--another blessing, that it didn't roll back down!

He's been taking it easy for the last 24-hours. The top of his head was all cut up from broken glass, which left a bloody mess inside the truck. Mom said he also cleaned glass out of his ears and nose last night, ha! Guess that stuff gets everywhere?!  The driver of the other vehicle was not hurt either. 

After that little bit of PRAISE JESUS!, on to the weekend update.

We had several days off work, and Alan's sister, Jill, was in town with Tyce! (Beau had to stay behind in Denton :( )  We got some fun family time this weekend! We didn't do anything extravagant, just some hanging out together!

Tyce is 15-months-old now, and he is one. busy. boy! This is one of my favorite ages for children development. I loved watching him be busy and explore the world around him. It's amazing how much children absorb from their surroundings.  He wasn't too cuddly, so you had to 'sneak' hugs and kisses whenever you could :)  He is learning SO much, SO fast.  It really makes me pause to think about those 'baby days' we have ahead of us! With both our niece and nephew at the toddler age, it makes me ready to hold our little baby even more. 

We really enjoyed our weekend with family---and are so proud of the sweet little busy toddler boy that our nephew is turning out to be! He's definitely ALL boy, and we wouldn't have it any other way :)



Caroline said...

So glad your dad is ok. That's so scary! And glad you had a great weekend with that little cutie.

Rebekah said...

I'm so so so glad your dad is ok! That sweet boy is so cute!

Courtney Nicole said...

Lindsi, I'm SO SO thankful your dad walked away from that! God is amazing and powerful, isn't He?

The pictures of Tyce make me NEEEEED to ask: what kind of camera do you have?

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