Friday, August 12, 2011

Endless Love

I know I gave my hub's a little shout-out yesterday on the 'ol blog, but I wanted to do a bit more ego stroking ;)  Seriously, don't be jealous: I have the BEST husband ever. My cup runneth over from his daily quirks and daily endless love. Just wanted to bullet point a "day in the life as Alan's wife" for y'all.  (You'll probably end up thinking that we are caaarazy, and you're probably right! Ha!)

  • Wednesday morning we woke up and cuddled in bed for an hour with the BIG, GIANT 90-pound dog laying right between us with his head on a pillow
  • Alan proceeded to make me a delicious breakfast: breakfast burritos
  • We went to the salon so Alan could get his "mullet" re-sculpted (YES, he has a real mullet and it's HOTT!)
  • During our salon visit, Alan decided he needed a) conditioner, b) to start blow drying his hair before applying gel AND c) a perm on the back of  his head only.
  • We proceeded to run to Target to buy a few gifts. While there, Alan wanted to "print off our registry to see what people had bought from it."  That would be marvelous if we actually had showers scheduled, invitations out, and people KNEW where we were registered. Ha!
  • We left Target with an item on our receipt labeled "Foam Weapon." I'll let you figure out who put that one in the shopping cart.
  • We spent the rest of the day hanging out, laughing, and loving on each other (there might be a story about a booger somewhere in there too, but I don't want you to completely stop following my blog)
  • We ended our evening with my husband telling me how pretty that I was as a pregnant wife :) Be still my heart.
On a more serious note, that silly man I described above is my rock! I'm so thankful that I will never have to go back to the day before him :)  As the song below says, "heaven knows all those days without you were shaping my heart for the day I found you."

I love you, Alan Michael, and I'm so thankful that God gave me you.



Jessica @ Stilettos & a fishing pole said...

This is SO sweet. I love the target comment! :)
You too are so adorable.

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