Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update

Don't hate me. My weekend consisted of FIVE days away from my office :) 

Wednesday: We went to visit the Ellington Family and their new addition, Layla, in the hospital.  It was soooo sweet to see the sisterly relationship that had already formed between Jaylee and Layla. At one point, Layla started "fussing," and I watched Jaylee (2 years old) stroke her little cheek while whispering "it's ok, baby" over and over. Awwwwwh!  We finished up our night at the Morris household, where Miss Brittany treated us to some super yummy chicken tacos! Thanks again, Britt :)

Thursday: I finally got my hairs did--so no more nappy roots for this girl--met Rachel for dinner at McAlister's, and attended my very first Harley and Maude jewelry party that Brittany hosted. Basically we walked around with little baskets, picked out a bunch of fun charms, and took it to the "designer" table where they constructed our one-of-a-kind jewelry.  You can see the bracelet I made in THIS post. LOVE it!

Friday: We spent a very lazy day around the house before heading out to Box Circle Ranch for some friend farm fun! It was the perfect evening to spend in the tin-roof barn, listening to rain hit the roof, while playing a mean game of Texas Hold 'Em (I lost a whopping $3).

Saturday: Alan DJed a wedding for our very good friends, Steven and Kyla! It was such a fun, perfect wedding :)  I was even able to do a little line dancing---figured I might as well enjoy shaking my booty while it was still physically possible, ha!

We were being silly outside of the wedding event hall :) This is like my "senior pregnant picture."

Me and My Handsome Man

Just for fun. This was my 13 week picture, and I wore this same dress in the pictures above. What a difference, huh?! My whole body seems to be filling out.

Sunday: Alan was at the firestation, so I played hooky from church to stay at home with Bentley. Without totally tattling on myself, I'll tell you I tested the physical limitations of my pregnant body. I may (or may not) have worked some in the front yard and finished cleaning out Cale's room--now he is the ONLY person that has things in the room :)  By the end of the day, I was in some pain. Oops. Bentley and I rested up during the evening hours though!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends as much as I enjoyed mine!



Rebekah said...

You look so great! I'm glad you had a great weekend!

Jaimie said...

you are so darn CUTE!

Caroline said...

You are the cutest pregnant woman ever!

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