Tuesday, August 23, 2011

History in the Making

I debated calling this post "Things that Make Pregnant Girls Cry"
Bear with this emotional girl tonight ;)

As much as I'm thrilled to physically hold my sweet little miracle baby, I'm savoring these last few months that I have to spend with my husband.  We are so ready for our family to grow---it's an answer to months and months of prayer!

It leaves me breathless, though, to think that we've spent nearly seven years being "just the two of us," and in the next few months that will change. Forever. Once our baby boy arrives, no longer, NOT EVER, will we ever again be just the two of us. The moment that he takes his first breath of air, I will be a mother. I will continue being a mother until the day that I die. Whoa!

I spent twenty-two years growing up, I had my last first kiss on January 28th, 2005, and I've spent the last 6+ years loving on that one man that has given me the greatest gifts in the world--the pledge of his ever-lasting love, his last name, a loving home, and now....a son.

Who knew that when we both closed our eyes and leaned in for that awkward first kiss we were creating the beginning to such a beautiful love story? History in the making ;)



Krystal said...

This is so sweet!! Oh, how I long for this!!

Val said...

Well put!

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