Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet Cale's Wife

Our sweet friends, the Ellington's, welcomed a new little face to their family yesterday.

Layla Ellington
9 lbs, 10 oz
21 inches

We will be making our way to the hospital this afternoon to meet this sweet little girl :)

Congrats Justin, Sarah, and Jaylee on your newest addition :)
I really hope they decide to make more babies---these Ellington girls are TOO CUTE!

Sarah joked with me via text (and after some good c-section medications), that I was Layla's future mother-in-law. Ha!  This is the same girl that told me when our children were older, her pretty girls would not be allowed to hang out with Cale :)  They know is silly, ornery daddy too well!

Who said arranged marriages can't work out? Guess we have 18+ years to prove you wrong.



Rebekah said...

She is so precious! And, ohmygoodness, the red hair on that little girl. I so hope I have a little girl with red hair! Haha love the arranged marriage. :)

Rachel Brown said...

Congratulations on your baby boy coming soon :)! Thanks for your comment and I hope it helped! Cute blog!!

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