Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hancock Family Retreat

Remember last week how I mentioned that Bentley and I had declared an un-official "Hancock Family Retreat?!" Well, our four days off work together were absolutely fantastic! It felt sooooo good to have a wide open schedule to hang out around our house together and do whatever we pleased all weekend.  We made good use out of our time together as a family of three.

Thursday we took off to the lake for the day! The weather here was gorgeous---high's in the 80's. It felt so good to get some warm sunshine on my pasty, white skin.  The man that I married stole my heart once again as I watched him run and play on the beach with Bentley.  I loved this day!

Thursday night was full of cuddles and football time on the couch.

Friday I got a special surprise from my sweet husband----more on this later :) Let's just say it made me cry happy tears. We spent the evening watching my highschool football team play their big rivals (Union vs Jenks) on television at my folks house.

Saturday morning (2:30am to be exact), Alan took off with my brother to go duck hunting. I spent the early part of the morning antique shopping with some girl friends and the afternoon browsing through stores on Main Street in Broken Arrow with Mom and Grandma.  Saturday evening was spent on the couch flipping between Nascar and college football---best way to spend a fall Saturday!

Finally Sunday came, our last day together before we both got busy with our crazy work schedules.  After church we enjoyed lunch with Poppie (Alan's Dad) before Alan had his first outdoor soccer game of the fall---his team lost, but man, did he look HOT playing?! He scored a goal, a HOT one ;)  Wanna guess what we did Sunday evening.....?? (Get your head out of the gutter!!) We watched football, duh!!



Caroline said...

Did you buy that high chair? So cute!

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