Thursday, October 20, 2011

32 Weeks

How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Movement: Cale likes to camp out on the right side of my belly. He's big enough now that I get that awkward belly "hump" on the right side where he likes to stick his little booty out.

Sleep: My sleep is still the same--I have nights of extreme restlessness and nights of fairly good sleep.

Symptoms: On Monday morning, while getting ready for work, I had my first Braxton-Hicks contractions. I'd always wondered if I'd recognize the feeling as such, but there was no mistaking that feeling--ha!

We went to the doctor on Tuesday, and Cale measured at a whopping 4 pounds, 8 ounces! :) He is such a good little grower.  His head size measures in the 97.7% range; however, his little legs measure in the 35.4% range! Haha--poor kid, he gets that from his momma. Big head, short legs.

The doctor was NOT impressed with my swelling. It's gotten pretty bad recently. I'd been able to keep it under control, but I'm not really getting any relief from it right now. I can keep my legs propped up all day, but it won't ever fully go away. My weight gain with all this swelling was actually much better than I anticipated it to be, I'm up +31 pounds total right now.

The doctor has restricted my working hours, so I'm taking a pay cut a little sooner than I had anticipated. I work 12-hour shifts (6am-6pm); however, now I'll be working a maximum of 8-hour days--it's going to feel weird having a "normal" work schedule. He said me and Cale need much more rest. Cale looked perfect, but he was more worried about my health at this point. He wants to keep me from having to take an unexpected trip to the hospital in early labor....I'm sure our finances will thank him ;)

From my shower pictures that I've been posting I've made two observations: a) I'm pasty white! Yuck! and b) I've started showing my pregnancy weight in my arms and face. I've had several people tell me, "Oh, you're just carrying all your weight in your belly!" Well, now I know...they are big fat liars! Haha!

Here's my little guy this week:

He's finally 'head down' in my belly. We'll get to see him much more often now. The doctor has moved me to the weekly countdown appointments---eeeeek! Yay Yay Yay!! :)



Rebekah said...

LOVE the pictures of Cale! I'm glad that you cut down your hours. Have to keep you and baby Cale safe!

Molly said...

Look at those chubby little cheeks, so sweet! Can't wait to see what he looks like when he makes his debut :)

April Rowell said...

Pasty white is beautiful ;)

Allison said...

oooooooh I can't wait to see his sweet self. Seriously those cheeks are soooo kissable! :)

It's almost time, sweet girl

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