Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Moon

This past weekend we escaped town for three days with two other couples to take a little, relaxing 'baby moon' trip to Branson. We have loved going to Branson each fall, and next year, we're looking forward to it being a family trip :)

Normally, we do the whole show/run-around-like-crazy thing while we are there; however, this time we opted for a more relaxing trip.  The boys played rounds of golf on Friday and Saturday, while the girls shopped their little hearts out. I had a goal of starting my Christmas shopping while we were there, and I was able to get ALL our nieces and nephews D-O-N-E! This makes me so happy! Not knowing life with a newborn OR recovery time after a c-section, it helps me relax a bit knowing that the kids are taken care of for Christmas.  I was also able to score big time at the Old Navy and Gap outlets for comfy post-maternity, guest presentable, lounge around the house type clothes!!

In the evenings we went out to dinner, then finished off our nights hanging out at the condo watching the Cardinals games.  A mean game of Spoons even erupted one night :) I'm pretty sure someone (not me) even suffered a injury while playing, haha!

We sent the camera with the boys each day for golf, so we didn't get many girl pictures. As you'll see, though, the courses they played (Payne Stewart and Branson Creek) were BEAUTIFUL :) My husband turned out to be quite the little photographer.

Our Condo at Thousand Hills

Picture of Thousand Hills Golf Course

Payne Stewart Golf Course

Branson Creek Golf Course

I caught these three having a spitting contest off of our balcony! Some people's kids..... haha! ;)

Me, Tricia, and Rachel

Me and My Love

Dustin and Rachel

Johnny and Tricia

I think this was my last hoorah before Cale's arrival. Alan will be out-of-town this weekend on a camping/4-wheeling trip with his dad, then he'll return for a couple days before he heads to Texas for Nascar. I had been on the fence about Nascar, but I have officially decided that I'm going to sit that one out. I think that's the smartest decision for Cale and I :) I'm becoming more uncomfortable, and I just don't think I'd get the rest that I needed. I'm going to take that time to hang around the house to organize last minute things--much better use of my anal retentive time :)



Allison said...

I'm so glad that you were able to get away before your baby boy! It sounds like you guys had such a great time!

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