Friday, October 28, 2011

33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Size of Baby: 5-Pounds
As measured by ultrasound on Monday
Movement: Cale's punches and kicks have slowed waaaaay down because of his growing size. Now, I'm getting those 'waves' of a knee, foot, hand, elbow, arm across my entire belly---sometimes it totally catches me off guard.

Sleep: Sleep is so/so.  I'm still obviously waking up plenty to take bathroom trips, but I've also been waking up more during the night with back pain. Since I've been reduced to these 8-hour work days, I'm trying to take more naps. On regular working days I'm usually in the office by 5:30am, so I'll work until 1:30pm. A quick afternoon nap has felt sooooo good on those days!

Symptoms:  Normal pregnancy stuff---aches, pains, crazy baby movements. I still have 1-ish Braxton Hicks contractions a day, but it's nothing to write home about. I've had more 'cramping' in my back and pelvic region, though.  Knock on wood, I have no current stretch marks and my belly button is still in (barely!). I'm soooo ready to meet this sweet little baby, but I'm also a little sad that pregnancy is winding down so quickly for me. Even with the aches and pains, I have found this whole process to be miraculous and I've really enjoyed basking in God's creation of life! Simply amazing!

You're getting the 'ol self-portrait taken in really crappy lighting this week (I'm the worst self-picture taker in the world)! :) Alan has been out of town on a boys camping trip, and I sent the camera with him. Oh well!

Speaking of work and life in general, I can honestly say that I have felt truly blessed to have these long working days reduced to 8-hours. I'm the type that likes to think I can do everything---as I told my doctor, I'd been working twelve hour shifts since I finished highschool (10 years, yikes!) I've never known anything different in my life. Well, let me tell ya how much of a difference it has made!?!  I feel like I'm getting so much more rest, like I'm not stressing as much about getting things done around the house, like my attitude in general has been so much better, and like I can be the wife that I truly want to be to my husband and our household.  I'm feeling rather refreshed these days and ready to tackle these last few weeks of growing baby! :)



Megan said...

You are adorable! I hope that I'm as cute as you when my time comes!!

Jill said...

Lindsi. I can relate to working 12 hour shifts while pregnant, and also to the slice of HEAVEN that came with relief from this. It's funny how we all think we can do so much more than we really should. I'm glad you are now able to have the time to take care of yourself and Cale even better. I am happy about your belly button and being stretch mark free! Yippie! Not so much of that here, but what can you do?! :) You're so close to holding that sweet baby in your arms. AAAAAHHH! God gives the best gifts of all, doesn't he?

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