Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shower One

My sweet girlfriends, Rachel and Tricia, honored me with a shower for Cale at my parents home---not that it was any more terrific than the others but it was my FIRST baby shower! It will always hold that extra special place in my heart :)  I had looked forward to that day for sooooo long, I hardly slept the night before I was so excited.

Enjoy the pictures :)

To say that we got spoiled rotten is the understatement of the year!  It is so humbling to look at all these pictures and see how loved we are (and Cale is!).

There were several people with camera's going, so I don't have all the pictures from this one (ie: none of me and my girls or other guests)....but, I couldn't wait to share these with you!



Holly said...

What a pretty shower... And I love, love, love old high chairs!

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful things! I love the Tulsa Fire Quilt & the stroller! Looks like you're ready to rock and roll!

You look fantastic!

♥ jess @ Stilettos & a fishing pole

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