Monday, January 30, 2012

Road Trip

Alan had his annual Nascar Firefighter training this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway, so I invited myself (and Cale) to tag along! :) While Alan stayed in a hotel with all his firefighter buddies, Cale and I stayed with Uncle Beau, Aunt Jill, Tyce, Sprout, and Spike! :) It was a short road trip, but we really enjoyed our time with the Davis family.

Cale did AWESOME for his first road trip. He was a happy traveler in the car! I'm so pleased with how well he did, and now I know that we will be able to take more road trips with him.

It was so much fun to see the beautiful friendship that started to form between Cale and Tyce! :) At Christmas-time he didn't seem too interested in his cousin. He was very attentive to Cale this visit!  Tyce was Johnny-on-the-spot with offering Cale the pacifier! Tyce even took the time to learn to feed his stuffed animals with a bottle, so sweet! Our two boys are so stinkin cute (if I say so myself).

Tyce was talking more and more! So fun to hear his little husky voice. He stood outside the bathroom door while I showered and yelled my name the entire shower. "Lindsi! ......Liiiiiindsi!........Lindsi!"  I couldn't stop giggling in there! While showering at home yesterday I half expected someone to be standing outside the door yelling my name--I was a little disappointed when that didn't happen.

I, of course, thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Tyce's mom :) It always makes me so sad to leave there, and it's especially sad now that we both have our lil' boys. I was mopey the whole ride home :/

Other than his first night away from home, Cale had a few other "firsts" during this trip!

Our 10-week-old little man sat in his Daddy's lap while riding in a firetruck around the actual Nascar track :) It was only the second time I'd been able to do that, and it always amazes me at the embankment around the corners. It was a very impromptu adventure, so I didn't have camera or phone prepared :/ Hopefully there will be many more of those experiences.

Also, on our way back home, we ventured off the highway to drive Cale around the University of Oklahoma campus (BOOMER!). We showed him where his Mommy used to live, where the Sooners play football, and where they serve the BEST dreamsicle slushes and pickle-o's. We might have even stopped to let his Mommy get some of those yummy treats! ;)

We had such a fun little road trip, and I'm looking forward to many more with my sweet little family!



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